Ancient China Ancient History 10. What dynasties do you know from China?

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Ancient China Ancient History 10 Slide 2 What dynasties do you know from China? Slide 3 List of Dynasties Xia Shang Zhou Laozi Mencius Qin Han Tang Song Mongols Ming Slide 4 Xia(shah) 2000- 1500 BCE Chinas 1 st dynasty Not much is known about this dynasty They were overthrown by the Shang dynasty Slide 5 Shang Dynasty Arts flourished Figures, religious objects, weapons were made from Bronze. Writing was developed Social structure (differences between nobles and peasants) Longest dynasty in Chinese history Slide 6 Zhou Dynasty Centered around western China Known for the fighter: Duke Fa later become known as Wu Wang become the first ruler. Longest dynasty in Chinese history Feudal system emerged under these rulers. War was a larger part of this dynasty Slide 7 Zhou War did not deter learning Development of ideas flourished during this era. Great teachers of this time were: Laozi, Confusius &amp; Mencius Slide 8 Qin(Chin) Dynasty Military leaders gained so much power they overthrow the Zhou Kings One of the most powerful kingdoms Around 221BCE they took control There leader was Shi Huangdi Chinas 1 st emperor Slide 9 Han Dynasty Revolt broke out under Shi Huangdis 5 years later Han dynasty established as the ruling family Confusions teaching Liu Bang= emperor. He returned formal traditions Emphasis on education Government officials (Confusions laws) Development of trade Decline= invasions and high taxes Slide 10 Tang Dynasty 618- 907 CE Golden Age began. Ambassadors from other countries came: Byzantium, Muslim lands and India Trade prospered in silk and porcelain Art of War was the marvel of Asia and the Middle East Xian = center or trade, commerce, technology and temples Ended with a series of rebellions Slide 11 Song Dynasty 960 -1279CE Golden Age continued Invasions from the North by the Mongols The Mongol leader = Genghis Khan united the Mongols Slide 12 Mongols Later Khubai Khan defeated the Song rulers established the city in Beijing Created the Yuan Dynasty (1 st foreign rulers) Marco Polo Slide 13 Ming Dynasty 1368- 1644 CE Ming = glorious Buddhist monk named Hong Wu led the army drove the Mongols out Ming restored Chinas pride after being ruled by outsiders Ming emphasized on isolation </p>


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