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Booking a chargeable seat

In the booking below, a seat is added from a seat map.


The / before the SSR element indicates a service is chargeable, and means that pricing is required.


Pricing the ancillary services follows that of the flight itinerary (FXP), using the FXG entry.

Display the pricing record

The pricing record is displayed using the TQM entry, (TQM is the same here as TQM/M1 in the previous example, as there is only 1 TSM in this PNR).

Some airlines use The Amadeus Automated Issuance Limit (AIL) which calculates and applies an issuance time limit to the Ancillary Services. AIL sends a warning in real time of the deadline for issuing a document and cancels the chargeable service when the time limit is reached.



The PNR is updated after issuance of the ancillary service with FA/FB elements associated to the chargeable SSR.

The format is the same as for e-ticketing, but documents are service associated, (E5 above). Note that the issuance of the flight ticket may be a pre-requisite to issue the associated services.

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Amadeus Ancillary


Quick Card

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Welcome to Amadeus Ancillary Services

Ancillary services are available to book in Amadeus Selling Platform, cryptic and API/Web Services, and provide travel agencies with a competitive and comprehensive range of optional and additional air services to your customers, such as excess baggage, seat selection, in-flight entertainment, priority boarding, etc.

Seamlessly integrated into existing pricing and booking flows, travel agents can exploit increased parity with the content available on airlines own websites, offering an enhanced customer service, and reinforcing your role as a travel consultant.

The ancillary services sales flow

Ancillary services can be sold at any point in the sales flow, and using MCO, vMCO or the new Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD), issued documentation is passenger and service associated. All elements are harmonized in a single PNR, giving an instant view of your customers travel choices.

The ancillary services catalogue can already be easily accessed through the Selling Platform GUI, and as more airlines make their ancillary services available, a catalogue will also be available in cryptic command.

The following examples show the flow for booking, pricing and issuing single and multi ancillary services in cryptic command in Amadeus.

Booking Baggage (BULK) & Seating (SEAT)

In the PNR below, ancillary services for pre-paid baggage and seating are added.

The / before the SSR element indicates that a service is chargeable, and that pricing is required.


A pre-requisite to perform a service pricing request is to have the flight itinerary priced, and the resulting pricing record stored

To price the ancillary services and store a pricing record, use the FXG entry as shown below. As there are two ancillary services, separate pricing solutions for each service are given.

Further settings & pricing options are also available, which also allow the creation of pricing records per segment, and include the FXH entry for informative service pricing. Below are a few of the options available:

FXG Price services & store pricing record

FXH Informative service pricing

FXH/P3 Passenger selection

FXH/L3 Service element selection

FXH/S3 Segment selection

FXH/R,FC-USD Currency of sale override


FXH/R,LON Point of sale override

FXH/C-XBAG SSR Code selection

FXK Cryptic Catalogue

Display the pricing record for BULK

The pricing record (TSM-P) for each individual ancillary service can be displayed, with a breakdown showing the type of service, and cost.

Display the pricing record for SEAT

Cryptic Catalogue


Display the Ancillary services in Cryptic for a given itinerary

Graphic Service Catalogue

The option to choose FXK in the Customize tab will automatically display the Ancillary Services Catalogue in Graphic (available from SEL 7.2)


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