Agile Maturity - Agile Business Conference Maturity Overcoming challenges ... real challenges in testing agile compared to 14% worldwide, ... domain experts on and offshore

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  • Agile Maturity

    Overcoming challenges and keeping relevant

    Daryl SearleDelivery Director & Agile SME

    Sogeti UK

  • Sogeti

    Sogeti 2006-2010, and again since May 2013

    UK Agile Subject Matter Expert (SME)

    Delivery Director

    Over 15 years of software testing experience 6+ years experience delivering agile projects in

    the finance sector.



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    Email Phone 07850648026 Twitter - @obofdis

  • Sogeti

    Suggested Discussion Topics

    There isnt enough documentation in Agile

    How can we incorporate regression testing into a sprint?

    Changing role of testing, do we need testers?

    Outsourcing & Global distribution, what are the costs & benefits?

    How can retrospectives help us improve?

    In theory agile is great, in practice all projects end in a death march!

    How can we feed change requests and support issues into our sprint?


  • Sogeti

    World Quality Report - agile

    I think that a lot of the issue with agile and/or Scrum is the fact people are unsure of how best to approach it. People have run many waterfall projects so they understand the needs and when to perform testing. Scrum is more difficult

    The most significant challenge is in the fact that there isn't an adequate testing approach that fits the agile development environment. We are trying to use traditional methods of testing designed for waterfall development

    Agile growing in acceptance, still to fully mature:

    Main challenges remain largely unchanged.


    The number of UK respondents who state that their organisations use agile methods rose from 87% in 2013 to 93% in 2014.

    Although a number of obstacles persist, one in five (20%) UK research participants report that they have no real challenges in testing agile compared to 14% worldwide, suggesting growing levels of maturity in applying testing processes in the context of agile development in the UK.

    Top Global challenges in agile testing:

    64% of research participants identified lack of good testing approach that fits with their agile development method as the main obstacle to agile testing success (up from 61% last year)

    55% reported having difficulties with applying test automation to agile projects (down from 56%)

    Difficulty in identifying the right areas of focus: 49% down from 51%

    Lack of the right test tools to create reusable test sets: 39% down from 42%

    Lack of professional test expertise in agile teams: 36% up from 35%

    Difficulty in reusing and repeating tests across sprints: 35% (no change)

    No real difficulties: 13% down from 14%


  • Sogeti

    Main drivers for adopting agile principles

    Though there may be others, the most popular reasons for companies

    adopting agile are:

    Decreased time to market,

    attempting to gain competitive


    Delivering products to protect or

    enhance brand recognition /


    Delivering to budget, reducing

    costs through efficiency.


  • Sogeti

    Why does agile fail?

    What agile isn't

    Do project stakeholders / sponsors understand the commitment required?

    Are the team empowered?

    Does the business have one voice?

    Investment is required; its not just monetary, its people


  • Sogeti

    Understanding the project roadmap

    Importance of Product Owner commitment

    Importance of having a roadmap with feature groups defined, to offer options to react to market conditions.

    Importance of understanding the dependencies of release

    Example of 2008 market crash

    Keep the release train moving

    Gain competitive advantage


  • Sogeti

    Where does testing fit in?

    Full and active part in game planning, promoting collaboration and questioning acceptance with the what if? statement

    Does the role of the tester have to change?

    Id see it as more of an expansion of role

    Can offshore play a part?

    The continued role of the tester, retrospectives and change


  • Sogeti

    Implementing constant improvements

    Learning from experience

    Retrospective actions and improvements

    Digital Transformation

    Staying ahead of the trends, asset re-use and the multi-channel experience


  • Sogeti

    Case study #1


  • Sogeti

    Case study #2


  • Sogeti

    Case study #3


  • Sogeti

    Case study #4


  • Sogeti

    The sum of all parts..

    Raising awareness with stakeholders with respect to investment in money and people

    Reducing cost and time through innovating multi-purposed frameworks

    Raising quality, through utilising domain experts on and offshore

    Sustaining revenue growth, through predictability, flexibility and managing risk


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