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A PECULIAR NEWSLETTER. S. BAGNULO G.A. WADE. European Southern Observatory. Royal Military College of Canada. THE OFFICIAL CIRCULAR OF THE IAU WORKING GROUP ON Ap AND RELATED STARS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A PECULIAR NEWSLETTERTHE OFFICIAL CIRCULAR OF THE IAU WORKING GROUPON Ap AND RELATED STARSS. BAGNULO G.A. WADEEuropean Southern ObservatoryRoyal Military College of Canadawww.astro.uwo.ca/apn www.eso.org/apnFrom the EditorsAnnouncementsMeeting update: IAU Symposium 224Job Opening: Thuringer LandesternwarteEstablishment of Asteroseismology GroupApproved IAU conferences for 2005Works in ProgressAbstracts of Submitted PapersThesis AbstractsWhy are there so few cool Ap stars?Abstracts of Accepted PapersLost & FoundA Peculiar Newsletter (ApN) is a free, www-based research circular about A and late-B stars, especially those displaying chemical peculiarities. It is updated continuously based on community submissions. Each 6 months, the newsletter is crystallised and a printable copy is circulated by e-mail to subscribersThe ANNOUNCEMENTS section of ApN provides a forum for timely advertisement of upcoming meetings, job openings, and community events. Urgent announcements are also immediately circulated by e-mail to the entire list of ApN subscribers.ApN provides a convenient soapbox for recently-completed M.Sc. and Ph.D. THESIS ABSTRACTS, visible to the community, The new LOST & FOUND section summarises A-star related abstracts from the NASA ADS that have never appeared in ApN.The table of ABSTRACTS OF ACCEPTED PAPERS is the heart of ApN, providing instant access to abstracts of recently accepted journal and conference papers.worldwide. This poster reviews the basic content of a typical issue of A Peculiar Newsletter, the current issue #42.