A CTS OF KINDNESS Math for AAS General Education Fall, 2008

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A CTS OF KINDNESS Math for AAS General Education Fall, 2008. Instructor: Barbara Rademacher Amanda Jones Angela Rogers Charla Futrell Chris Starnes. HISTORY. The less fortunate will always be with us, but we believe it is our job to help take care of them. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Project title Math for AAS General Education Semester, Year

ACTS OF KINDNESSMath for AAS General EducationFall, 2008Instructor: Barbara RademacherAmanda JonesAngela RogersCharla FutrellChris Starnes

The less fortunate will always be with us, but we believe it is our job to help take care of them.The Samaritan Center stood out as a great place to focus our attentions.We formed other areas of service as well.Our group is aware of another project prior to ours that focused on community service.


IMPROVE THE LIVES OF THE LESS FORTUNATEMOTIVATE OTHERS TO CATCH THE VISION OF VOLUNTEERINGINCREASE OUR INTERPERSONAL SKILLSUSE MATH SKILLS LEARNED IN MS. RADEMACHERS CLASSINCREASE OUR WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF THE COMPUTERPROJECT GOALSOur Community is defined as the people of Benton County. We share a common culture with other Arkansans.We volunteered throughout the semester.Served Sunday BreakfastsPut together SNACK PACKS for SchoolsEnlisted Volunteers at a Car ShowMade Flyers to Distribute at Car ShowMade Poster for Advertising our OrganizationCleaned neighborhood streets

Community BenefitsData used: We used Statistics from The Samaritan Center, a Sampling of Friends and Family, Car Enthusiasts, and from marching in the Rogers Christmas Parade.We used a pie chart, a line chart, and a pictograph which you will see shortly.How did you organize data and draw conclusions.We used data that we gathered from serving at the soup kitchen and serving on Sunday mornings to help us .How did you use standard deviation of a data set?We found the mean (average), median and modeThen we calculated the standard deviation.Information was gathered from the Samaritan Center.

COURSE CONTENTTechnologyComputersMicrosoft PublisherMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft WordMicrosoft Power Point (AMANDA LOVES)InternetWikisGraphing CalculatorsCell PhonesDigital CamerasPoster Machine


Wednesday Sept. 17, 08 met with Samaritan Center (Jane Rolland)Sunday 21, 08 Serving breakfast @ Samaritan CenterThursday for next 3 weeks serving LunchMonday Sept. 22nd putting together snack packs going forwardMonday Sept. 22nd Initial Proposal dueWed. Sept. 24th Put together snack packs for schoolsThurs. Oct. 9th Put together snack packs for schoolsOctober 15th started walking neighborhoods picking up trashOctober 31st Walked neighborhood picking up trashOctober 24th finished brochures and printed off

TIME LINENovember 11th started making research questions on communityNovember 12th did survey on Community ServiceNovember 21st worked on PowerPointNovember 22nd Pass out brochures at Car ShowGroup members serving at Samaritan Center throughout semester on Wednesday & ThursdayNovember 30th Springdale Samaritan Center Served Thanks giving meal.December 1st march in parade pass out A.O.K brochures, worked on final PresentationDecember 5rd Final Presentation due

TIME LINE CONT.Benton CountyDHS Programs for the less fortunateSNAP: 4629 cases B.C. / 160480 in ArkansasArKids First: 5000 cases in B.C. / 125000 in ArkansasMedicaid: 26470 cases in B.C. /610412 in Arkansas*Benton County has the Second Highest number enrolled in ARKids First in StateInformation by: Preston Haley, Division of County Operations at the Department of Human Services

The SNAP program is the current name of the Food Stamps program.Benton County has the Second Highest # of Children Enrolled in Arkids.

11Benton CountyDHS Programs for the Less FortunateSurvey/research Questions

Have you ever volunteered for a local organization before?What organization have you volunteered?What other ways have you served your community?For what reasons did you serve your community? ( Work, School, College)

Results to survey question #1

45 out of 60 people Volunteered for an organization

15 out of 60 people have never volunteered

Results to survey questions A, BWhat organizations have you volunteered atOther ways people have served the community

Helping HandsBoy ScoutsBoys & Girls ClubSamaritan CenterChild of Angels FellowshipRed Cross Restoration VillageHabitat for HumanityBattered Womens ShelterSalvation ArmyAngel Food MinistriesRichardson CenterSeven hillsCity of Bentonville/RogersVolunteer CNAVolunteer FirefighterBentonville/Rogers Public SchoolsMission TripsPublic servant in PoliticsCommunity Walk-a-boutRogers Youth Center

Comparison of the #/people spoke to on survey daysReasons for Volunteering

I have dealt with abuse in my family for along time so it is my personal decision to give my time to the battered women's shelter who has brought our family security in the worse of times ( Anonymous)

Working in Construction we work with a lot of families who are in need and dont have the financial stability to have a livable home and through our company we were able to give deserving families homes that they need ( Anonymous)

I have not gotten the chance to actually volunteer at a organization but in the mean while I am working as a volunteer at my church as a preschool teacher and love working with children (Anonymous)Sunday Mornings at the Samaritan HouseFirst Sunday of MonthNumber of PeopleJanuary45February60March84April97May115June101July110August90September83October 89November120December124Sunday Mornings at the Samaritan HouseMean: 93.1peopleMedian: 93.5 peopleMode: No similaritiesRange: 50 peopleMidrange: 84.5 peopleStandard Deviation: 22.52

Soup Kitchen at the Samaritan HouseWednesdaysNumber of PeopleWeek 145Week 232Week 325Week 434Week 551Week 660

Soup Kitchen at the Samaritan HouseMean: 41.6Median: 56.5Mode: no similaritiesRange: 35Midrange: 42.5Standard Deviation: 8.22

Skills DevelopedDeveloped People Skills Working with Fellow Students Within Our GroupCooperationResponsibilityTime ManagementNetworking Within the NWACC CommunityDeveloped Relationships With Samaritan Center EmployeesMet and Mingled with OReillys Staff Communicated with EAST Lab directorLearned from Our Math for AAS TeacherOverall Professional EnrichmentAcademicallyTechnologyService to the Community

COMMUNITY CONTACTSDebbie Rambo- Director of Samaritan Center

Jane Rowland- Care advocate

Megan Needham- Care advocate

Brandy Knight- Snack Packs Program Coordinator

Gary Evans- Dental Clinic

Charlene Phillips- General Manager for OReillys in Rogers

Community Service Never Goes Out of StylePeople can continue our work in many ways:Educating Others about the Needs of Community OrganizationsGoing forward with the Work of AOK at The Samaritan CenterMeeting the Physical Needs of People in Their Circle of Influence East/Empacts future students can get a Vision to Volunteer in his/her own time


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