7 tips to Maximize Bodybuilding Efficiency

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    7 tips to MaximizeBodybuilding Efficiency

    December 26, 2014 - Simple ways to gain muscle

    You want Strength like Bear; Than Eat like Bear

    If you want the strength to be at the top of thefood chain than you have to give your body thefuel it will need to get there. This means that if you

    How toBuildYourBodyFastSimpleways togainmuscle

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    Simple ways to gain muscle

    How to Build Your Body Fast

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    8 Tips To Help

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    want to gain muscle mass you must keep yourbody in a constant state of energy excess. Consideryourself on a See-food diet if it is food and yousee it; eat it.

    Make sure you match up your food to your bodyweight; one or two grams of protein and 3 or 4grams of carbs to each pound of body weight. Eatquality fats and oils too, like those found in chiaseeds or natural peanut butter. And finally cut outany cardio that is not workout related; it will onlyreduce your calorie supply.

    Rely On Basic Movement

    Respect the classics; they have been around for along time and with good reason. Thesemovements have successfully produced morechampion athletes than you could shake a stick at.The classics big three are the squat, bench anddeadlift and should all be incorporated into yourroutine. To these add the military press, barbellcurls and you will have a well-rounded routine.

    When It Comes To Training Take no Prisoners

    Sure we have heard it a thousand times; you got totrain hard to grow. True that, but dont forget the

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    How to Build

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    Simple ways to

    gain muscle


    preeminent requisite of training hard heavy withhigh intensity. To carve your muscle into knottedcords you got to bring the pain.

    You can absolutely train with weight levels higherthan you thought possible; if you ignore formhowever, you can miss the muscle you aim for andsuffer an injury. As a yardstick rule, lift just under75% of what you could lift once; or whateverweight will keep you in a 6 to 10 rep range.

    Stack More Than Just Plates

    Many rookie trainers seem to forget a small butever so important fact bodybuilding. The actualbuilding doesnt happen in the gym; but in the bed.Gym training is when muscles are ripped and torndown; sleep is when the muscles grow as yourbody repairs and strengthens them. If you arentstacking up some serious Zs you may not be givingyour body the rest it needs to give you the resultsyou want.

    Rule of thumb! Throw out the alarm clock you willwake up when you have slept enough; just dontget back in bed.

    Beware of Overtraining

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    You can set yourself back months and years even ifyou are not aware of the risks of overtraining. Interms of muscle groups, exercise each one onlyonce a week. IT is equally important to exercise asit is to give your muscles plenty of time to rest andgrow.

    A good number to stick to is 12; each body partshould receive 12 total sets. Choose a few basicmovements, 3 to 4 for each body part, and do 3 to4 of each set. You may be thinking that this will betoo easy, but believe me if executed correctly thesetheses sets can really bring the pain that will bringthe gain.

    If the exercises do seem to be too easy, thenmaybe you should try lifting harder and slower.And never spend more than an hour and a half onan exercise program, prolonging the pain is thepath to overtraining.

    Rest is for Home, Not Gym

    Never take more than a couple of minutes to restbetween sets. Within 90 to 120 seconds you cancatch your breath and return to the set withmaximum intensity. Rest too long and you losethat vital momentum; that pump. Once the pump

  • is gone, shed a tear. Your training is done.

    Consistency & Variation

    Consistency is the commitment to train when youknow you have to, no cutting deals with yourself orfinding excuses: cause excuses there will always beplenty of. If a serious exercise routine is not yourpersonal cup of tea than head on over to thestationary bike and watch TV. More than any othersport, body building requires a high level ofpersonal commitment and motivation. Take yourtraining seriously if you want serious results.

    While it is highly important to be consistent in yourroutine; combine your consistency with thewisdom or insight to know when it is time to addsome variety to your routine. A good time to dothis is not when a routine is hard but when it startsto seem stagnant.

    Switch around the order of your routine, exercisesmall variations in the grip or distancing; but dontsacrifice form. Our human bodies are highlyadaptive and will respond well to changes. Shake itup a bit.

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