6 reasons why you forget people you meet

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  • 1.6 reasons why youforget people you meetby Michael de Groot | @stayingaliveukhttp://uk.linkedin.com/in/stayingaliveuk

2. not listening when a newperson talks aboutthemselves, insteadyoure rehearsing yourown pitch in your head 3. leaving it far too long toinvite them to connectwith you on LinkedIn,causing business cardamnesia 4. not having a system inplace for a follow upvideo call 5. not making time toacknowledge aLinkedIn connectionacceptance 6. not reading theirLinkedIn prole andmaking a note toremind you about them 7. by Michael de Groot | @stayingaliveukFURTHER FREE TIPS AND INSIGHTS VIAhttp://stayingaliveuk.com/linkedinstinct


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