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  • 7/31/2019 5 Ways to Get Involved


    Common Purpose (Ireland) Ltd, Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in Ireland No. 8245649, Registered Charity No. CHY11850 operatesCommon Purpose programmes under licence from The Common Purpose Charitable Trust

    Five Ways to Get Involved

    1. By applying to become a participant

    Participate on the Focus programme a six day leadership development programme (Jan to May),for senior leaders in the area. The programme strengthens your ability to lead change, diversifiesyour network and expands your knowledge of different sectors in Cork. Fees for Focus 2013 are4,000. This includes the residential workshop, programme days, all materials, accommodation andmeals. Ability to pay is not one of the selection criteria and some bursaries will be available.

    2. By providing information or speakers or by hosting visits

    All offers to assist in the design or delivery of programme days are very welcome, including theprovision of speakers; people to lead group discussions or present case studies. Each programmeday explores a different aspect of leadership within the context of the region. The aim is to inspireparticipants to continue to develop their leadership ability and bring these abilities to a biggerpicture. We are also grateful for offers to host behind-the-scenes visits and briefings atorganisations relevant to our curriculum.

    3. By participating on the Advisory group.The group is composed of ten senior figures from the region, some are previous graduates ofCommon Purpose, some are not. Members are required to attend 4 meetings per year, assist withquality control of the programme and assess the programme applications. The group ensuresapplicants they have sufficient management experience and will fit with the group dynamic. The rolealso assists with nominating potential candidates for the programme. Your interest in joining is mostwelcome.

    4. By providing a bursaryIn order to get the broadest possible diversity of participants we have a bursary fund to supportorganisations which cannot afford the fee. If you would like to provide a bursary for a participantfrom a particular sector, or contribute to the overall fund, we would be delighted.To date in Cork over 48 such bursaries have been given out. Beneficiaries include Cork Simon,Meithal Mara, Churchfield Community Trust, Bernardos & Mayfield Community Arts to name but afew. Your organisations contribution to Community Social Responsibility, through CommonPurpose, will be most appreciated.

    5. By providing funds

    Common Purpose raises 80% of its revenue each year through fees. The remainder we raise in

    sponsorship (between 20,000 and 25,000) to ensure the continuing high standard of theprogramme without making the fees excessively high. If you can provide cash sponsorship inamounts from 500 to 5000, we would be grateful. This year we are focused on developing our 3 rdlevel and transition year leadership programmes.

    For information about any of these options, please contact: Martin O Donoghue, Programme Director,Common Purpose Cork, tel: 021-492 4694,e-mail: martin.odonoghue@commonpurpose.ie