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  • SUMMER 2016


    40th anniversary Brick Awards launched | lvaro Siza in Llinars del Valls; Duggan Morris in BrentfordHaverstock in Emsworth; CF Mller in London | Make Architects prefabricated woven brick panelsFirst person: Peter Barber of Peter Barber Architects | The brick architecture of Cottrell &Vermeulen

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  • OOnnee ssiizzee ffiittss aallllBricks versatility and expressiveness are important factors for manyarchitects not least Cottrell &Vermeulen (Profile), whose highly site-specific and idiosyncratic masonry buildings are often distilled from acollage of ideas. Prefabricated woven brickwork on a York office buildingby Make Architects (Technical) and AHMMs technicolour library in Londonfurther attest to bricks adaptability. Elsewhere Peter Barber (First Person)celebrates inspirational masonry projects from the past, while lvaro Sizabreaks with tradition by designing a striking red brick theatre in Spain.

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    For further details on the bricks/pavers in featured projects, please email brick@brick.org.uk or tel 020 7323 7030.

    BB SUMMER 2016 3

    ccoonntteennttss44 NNEEWWSS//FFIIRRSSTT PPEERRSSOONN New brick projects by Hawkins Brown and

    RCKa Architects; First Person Peter Barber of Peter Barber Architects;40th anniversary Brick Awards launched.

    66 PPRROOJJEECCTTSS lvaro Siza, Tompkins Rygole, Duggan Morris Architects,Monadnock, dRMM Architects, AHMM, Haverstock, CF Mller,Omegeving Architecture, and Brady Mallalieu.

    1188 PPRROOFFIILLEE Back to school: Richard Cottrell and Simon Tucker discussCottrell & Vermeulens brick architecture.

    2244 PPRREECCEEDDEENNTT Two brick projects by Saverio Muratori.2266 RREEPPOORRTT//GGUUIIDDAANNCCEE The BDAs Urban Regeneration Day and its

    new guidance document on site practice and workmanship.2288 TTEECCHHNNIICCAALL Corner condition: A Cambridge office building by

    Gort Scott employs a range of masonry techniques.3300 TTEECCHHNNIICCAALL An office building in York by Make Architects is partly

    constructed from prefabricated woven brick panels.

    Executive editor: VivianeWilliams MA, FRSA, Design &Marketing Manager at the BDABrick DevelopmentAssociation,The BuildingCentre, 26 Store Street, London,WC1E 7BTt: 020 7323 7030 e: brick@brick.org.uk

    The BDA represents manufacturers of clay brick and pavers in the UK and promotesexcellence in the architectural, structural and landscape applications of brick and pavers.The BDA provides practical, technical and aesthetic advice and information through itswebsite www.brick.org.uk, in its numerous publications and over the phone.

    ISSN 0307-9325 Published by the BDA 2016 Editorial/design: Architecture Today plc

    FFrroonnttiissppiieecceethe library at WillesdenGreen, london, by AHMM(ph: timothy Soar).

    ccoovveerrcollage of supremewinners from the last sixBrick Awards (clockwisefrom top left): ODonnell& tuomeys lyric theatrein Belfast and Saw SweeHock Student centre atthe london School ofeconomics (2011, 2014,phs: Dennis Gilbert);Ortus at the MaudsleyHospital, london,by Duggan MorrisArchitects (2013, ph:Jack Hobhouse); nOrDArchitectures Olympicsubstation, london,(2010, ph: Andrew lee);Whitworth Art Gallery,Manchester, by MuMA(2015, ph: AlanWilliams); the MAc,Belfast, by Hackett HallMcknight (2012,ph: christian richters).

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    BBDDAA mmeemmbbeerr ccoommppaanniieessAJ Mugridge t +44 (0)1952 586986 www.ajmugridge.co.ukBovingdon Brickworks t +44 (0)1442 833176 www.bovingdonbricks.co.ukBulmer Brick & Tile Co t +44 (0)1787 269232 bbt@bulmerbrickandtile.co.ukCarlton Brick t +44 (0)1226 711521 www.carltonbrick.co.ukColeford Brick & Tile t +44 (0)1594 822160 www.colefordbrick.co.ukForterra t +44 (0)1604 707600 www.forterra.co.ukFurness Brick & Tile Co t +44 (0)1229 462411 www.furnessbrick.comHG Matthews t +44 (0)1494 758212 www.hgmatthews.comIbstock Brick t +44 (0)1530 261999 www.ibstock.co.ukKetley Brick Company t +44 (0)1384 78361 www.ketley-brick.co.ukMichelmersh Brick Holdings t +44 (0)844 931 0022 www.michelmersh.co.ukNorthcot Brick t +44 (0)1386 700551 www.northcotbrick.co.ukMatclad t +44 (0)1978 291133 www.matclad.co.ukRayburn Brick t +44 (0)1698 828888 www.raeburnbrick.co.ukThe York Handmade Brick Co t +44 (0)1347 838881 www.yorkhandmade.co.ukWH Collier t +44 (0)1206 210301 www.whcollier.co.ukWienerberger t +44 (0)161 4918200 www.wienerberger.co.uk

  • 4 BB SUMMER 2016


    From the vernacular architectureof Surrey and East Sussex to themasonry structures of Louis Kahnand Le Corbusier, Peter Barber ofPeter Barber Architects reflectson his many brick influencesand insprations.

    I love the radical advanced structuresof Eladio Diestes 1950s supercool soaring vaults and go fastercantilevers. Not as one might expectin reinforced concrete, but in a simplehandmade brick. Head to Rome, thebaths of Caracalla, the Pantheon mass Roman brickwork on a giganticscale; solid, weighty, permanent.And their twentieth-century counter-parts in the stonking magnificentstructures Bangladesh Parliamentfor instance of Louis brick whisper-er Kahn. And while were on thesubcontinent, the lacy brick jalis ofJaipur and BV Doshis hybrid brick/concrete university buildings inAhmedabad; progeny of Le Corbusiersflirtation with the simple hut in thevernacular-inflected Maison Jaoul.And my first love? The vernacular

    buildings of Surrey and East Sussex.Hunkered down against a fold in aWealden landscape, soft pinky bricksof downland clay in rat trap bondwith a dusting of lichen and mossygrapevine pointing. Edwin Lutyens,Baillie Scott, Halsey Ricardo, PhilipWebb, all adventures in the vernaculartradition, but with a quirk, a nuttysouped-up perpend, quoin orcorbel; barley sugar chimneys andcrow step gables.The rough brick of Antoni Gaudi,

    HHaawwkkiinnss BBrroowwnn rreeddeevveellooppss WWaatteess HHoouussee

    Hawkins Brown is refurbishing and extendingWatesHouse, the home of Londons Bartlett School ofArchitecture since 1975. Due to complete inSeptember, the scheme includes new floors,studios, social and cafe areas, a dedicated exhibitionspace and expanded workshops. The originalbuilding was clad in a rather undistinguished darkbrown brick, which, when coupled with thevertical spandrel panel cladding contributed toits anonymous street presence, says projectpartner Euan Macdonald. Our approach seeks totransform the building, making it more open andaccessible, as well contributing positively to itsconservation area setting. A handmade,water-struck brick was specified for several reasons,including the way its tones and textures relate tothe surrounding context. The bricks non-standard290x70x52mm format not only corresponds thebuildings original six-metre structural grid,but also minimises additional loading on thesuperstructure.

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    Now in its 40th year, the Brick DevelopmentAssociation has launched the 2016 Brick Awards.Projects featuring clay bricks or pavers manufac-tured by BDA members are eligible, with theexception of theWorldwide Projects Award. Thereare 16 award categories with the overall winnerreceiving the BDA Supreme Award. There is also anArchitects Choice Award for the shortlisted projectthat receives the most votes from registered archi-tects and architectural students. The closing datefor entries is 24 June. The awards will be presentedat London Hilton, Park Lane, on 10 November.Entry forms can be obtained from the BDA website:www.brick.org.uk/online-entry-form/, by emailingbrick@brick.org.uk, or by calling 020 7323 7030.

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    Nestled between the ends of twoVictorian terracesin MaidaVale, London,Wedge House by RCKaArchitects has obtained planning consent fromCity ofWestminster Council. The challenging sitelies directly on a kink in the street with a narrowfrontage opening into a wider plot behind, saysproject director Russell Curtis. A split plan makesthe most of the available space, resulting in agenerous family home. The adjacent propertiesare faced with a combination of brick and paintedrender.We were keen to ensure that thematerials used on the project were sympatheticto the context without resorting to pastiche.A dark, mottled facing brick laid in English bondis intended to pay homage to the surroundingbuildings, as well as add interest and texture tothe street elevation. Precast, high-performanceconcrete window surrounds with subtle verticalfluting matching the turn in the street providea contemporary interpretation of the stonesurrounds seen elsewhere in the area.

  • BB SUMMER 2016 5

    garden, and in the roofline echoes of theancient crinkle-crankle wall which ranalong the back of my aunties flowerboarders in Norfolk.And the future? I have imagined a

    five-storey spiral tower built in brickwith a little shop on the ground floor.A friendly stepped path dropping intoa cobbled street winding up the outsideof the building to little landings.Neighbours pausing for a chat. A moregenerous spot with a sunny settlewidening in places into garden terraces.

    Lluis Domenech and BrightonBungaroosh. The smooth thin-jointrubbed brick of the Georgian tradition.A glint in the gloss of a London pubsgreen-glazed brick stall riser.In the modern era, brick as honest

    material being what it will for Mies vander Rohe, Alvar Aalto and Khan, as wellas guilty deceitful brick hidden beneaththe heaving rendered south wall ofCorbs Ronchamp and the suprematistplanes racing through his Villa Savoye.And so, in our refurbishment and

    extension of