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  • ...the timeline

  • 240 years is not much we usually say about a person celebrating his/her birthday.But looking back we must admit that a lot has happened at KP Komponenter from the beginning in 1969 until now. When my father started the company back in 1969, it was with great risk, not only starting his own business from scratch, but also in a part of Denmark, where very little metal industry was established. But I am sure that choosing this location, where employees typically are very tenacious and faithful, has been a major strength throughout the years that have passed.

    Many of our employees have been with us for many years, some even 20 and 30 years and a handful right from the beginning in 1969. We owe them all our gratitude for their efforts throughout the years. We have experienced a huge development in Technology since the beginning. From the first automatic lathes and turrets, to now fully automatic robotic production cells, which combine several machines in a fully inte-grated cell. This development is still strong and a great opportunity for KP Komponenter to take part in, having the opportunity to develop an even stronger position in the market.

    No matter the oil crisis in the 70s, melt down in the wind turbine industry in the 80s, crisis in the bank sec-tor in the early 90s and the latest worldwide financial crises KP Komponenter has proven its strength and robustness. In the future, all our efforts will be to position KP Komponenter the same way onwards.

    Enjoy reading!Martin Krogh Pedersen

  • 31969Poul Krogh Pedersen and two partners rent the shopfloor and residential areas from the company Uniterm, who has recently moved out of the buildings. Investments in new machines are made, to offer the customers the benefits from newest technology, instead of having their own in-house (at that time often old fashioned) machining. From the beginning Uniterm was also a customer for valve products.K.P. Komponenter, Krogh Pedersens Machining Company A/S is a reality.

    Newspaper clip New industrial company in Spjald

    1975The first real building expansion is carried out by setting up additional 550 m2.

    1973The first oil crises puts a lot of pressure on Uniterm, and it becomes necessary for K.P. Komponenter to acquire the buildings, and at the same time to expand the area a little.

    Poul Krogh Pedersen injects more money into the company and becomes the major shareholder in K.P. Komponenter.

    Newspaper clip The biggest industrial company in the city keeps developing




    = 25 = 1.200 m2 = 0,6 mio.$

  • 41979The first CNC Lathe, a SWEDTURN (SW10) is bought.

    Newspaper clip K.P. Komponenter keeps growing.

    1981After having visited MAZAK in Japan, new modern CNC-lathes and the first milling center are bought.

    Newspaper clip Spjald company has collected a robot in Japan has plenty of work

    1980K.P. Komponenter are by now well established as a subcontractor, and differentiates itself significantly from competitors by being very advanced in using latest technology. Being one of the first in Denmark, KP Komponenter introduces computer controlled production. Machine programs are stored on computer tapes and can from there quickly be transferred to the machines.

    Newspaper clip Quick adaptability is the main competitive edge of the subcontractor

    = 32 = 1.200 m2 = 1,2 mio.$

  • 51984-85The new gearbox is launched and production starts, parallel to the official launch of a new profile and logo for K.P. Komponenter. AWP is taking care of selling the gearbox in Denmark, while the export to USA, Sweden and Germany is handled through a close co-operation with another Danish company called ALTERNAGY (at that time the worlds largest manufacturer of wings for wind turbines). There is a great worldwide interest for the gearbox and the first wind turbines produced by AWP, so already in the end of 1985 the first wind turbines are erected in California. Developing and producing the gearbox, strong technical skills and competences are built up within the company which, in a combination with the constant invest-ments in new machinery, becomes the most important competitive edge for K.P. Komponenter.

    A visible proof of its appearance in the wind turbine market, are the towers located on the neighboring site, where AWP had also rented 300 m2 of production area. Since it was not possible getting the new gearbox tested at the established manufacturers, AWP had to produce a prototype themselves, a 90KW turbine (AWP90), that was set up close by in Spjald.

    1982An exciting aera takes its beginning for K.P. Komponenter. Together with the inventors of the VESTAS wind turbine, Karl Erik Jorgensen and Henrik Stiesdal, K.P. Komponenter develops a special gearbox for wind turbines a hub-gearbox, which starts up in production some years later.

    A new daughter company is founded called Advanced Windpower Products (AWP), which participates and wins a local price for bright ideas. The pricemoney is though first paid when the idea is put into production, so the official ceremony is conducted first some years later.

    = 45 = 1.500 m2 = 3,85 mio.$Official letter confirming the first price.

    Newspaper clip Expectations to a wind turbine gearbox

  • 61987AWP has great success with the gearbox and still have a genuine production of complete wind turbines. AWP tries to differentiate itself from the competitors by launching a new concept called The local wind turbine, meaning that AWP would deliver a few main parts for the turbine together with a set of drawings for the customer having the remaining parts manufactured locally. This concept becomes very popular on the export markets, but in Denmark the good and solid running economy (and subsequent tax-free profit) was a greater success. The production exceeds 3 turbines per month, which are sold for as much as 485.000 Dkr (USD 95.000 at current exchange rate) per turbine.

    1994K.P. Komponenter celebrates its 25th anniversary.

    1990Despite the great success, a major crisis in the wind turbine industry, where also a number of customers go bankrupt, causes that AWP loses its equity and are declared bankrupt. It is also a hard struggle for the mother company, which is re-established in co-operation with local banks.

    The re-establishment of K.P. Komponenter creates the opportunity to invest further in buildings and machinery, which makes it possible for KP Komponenter to work their way out of the crises even faster. At the same time Poul Krogh Pedersen buys all the shares in the company and is now the sole owner of K.P. Komponenter. Amongst many other things, another 1.000 m2 are built.


    = 55 = 1.500 m2 = 5,8 mio.$

    Newspaper clip Considerably foreign interest for the AWP turbine from Spjald

  • 71996K.P. Komponenter wins a diploma for being number 60 among the 100 fastest growing companies in Denmark.

    1998Generational change Helle and Martin Krogh Pedersen together with a capital investor called Industriudvikling, take over K.P. Komponenter from Martins parents Lone and Poul Krogh Pedersen.

    August: Martin Krogh Pedersen officially takes over as Managing Director.

    November: Exhibiting at a fair in Denmark. Marketing activities are increased being a part of a new growth strategy.

    Newspaper clip Younger people to secure growth

    1997Another building of 800 m2 is erected and more machines are installed. K.P. Komponenter gets for the first time a credit rating of AAA.


    = 65 = 3.300 m2 = 6,75 mio.$

  • 81999October: K.P. Komponenter celebrates 30 years anniversary and the founder Poul Krogh Pedersens 60th birthday. K.P. Komponenter now has 6 apprentices and is in actual need of 10 employees. It is starting to get more difficult in getting enough qualified employees.

    Newspaper clip Components from Spjald are at work worldwide

    2000Employee benefits gets a new face, when employees are now offered a computer at home under a Danish tax law possibility. The computers are handed out in April.

    August: Preparations for another building of 800 m2 are made and new machines and robots are delivered and installed in the previous new building.

    December: Celebrating the finished new building, last day before Christmas and the first 25 years employee anniversary at K.P. Komponenter.

    = 70 = 3.300 m2 = 9,6 mio.$


  • 92001January: A new MAZAK FH8800 being installed, at the same time as the final testing of a newly installed robot cell nears completion.

    November: A new Doall C260NC band saw is delivered.

    2003April: K.P. Komponenter receives a local Municipality Business Award for exemplary and energetic generational change and business operations.

    May: Decision is made to further investment in CNC centers and robots.

    November: Again K.P. Komponenter is exhibiting at a fair in Denmark.

    2002April: Frost is barely away from the ground when the preparation starts for another 1.000 m2 expansion. These facilities will house a preparation department as well as social areas and canteen.

    Already before the canteen is finished, it is inaugurated at an employee gathering around a game of the Danish national football team.

    K.P. Komponenter was chosen as one of three finalists in the awarding of being Entrepreneur of the Year.

    = 90 = 5.200 m2 = 15,4 mio.$


  • 10

    2004Growth compared to the year before exceeds 25% and K.P. Komponenter is once more rated AAA.

    K.P. Komponenter is portrayed through an article written about the company due to the massive investments in automation. The title for the article is Your colleague is a robot.

    2005September: 6.000 m2 from the neighbori