3D-Printing for .Matière informée et impression 4D Paris, 15th September 2017 Germán ESTEBAN MUÑIZ

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  • Matire informe et impression 4D Paris, 15th September 2017


    Industrial Technologies

    DG Research and Innovation

    3D-Printing for Europe: La prochaine frontire

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    La presse

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    What is Additive Manufacturing ?

    ISO/ASTM definition:

    "Process of joining materials to make

    objects from 3D model data, usually

    layer upon layer, as opposed to

    subtractive manufacturing

    methodologies, such as traditional


    Different terms used since AM started:

    Different technologies: SLA / SLS / 3D-Printers/ FDM / DLP / DMLS / EBM / LMD / LC /

    Different materials:

    Polymers / Metals / Ceramics

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    Attention to Additive Manufacturing was only recent

    In 2010, the Gartner Hype Cycle estimated 5-10 years to adoption

    Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing appears

    Expectations: 5-10 years before maturity


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    But in 2016, AM has

    disappeared, reaching plateau of productivity. Instead 4D-Printing is now at the innovation trigger.


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    In 2014, the 3D printing industry grew 34.9%, the highest rate in 17 years

    In 2016, 3D-Printing market grew by $1 billion to a total of $5.1 billion

    In 2020, the market is expected to reach $21.2 billion (Source: Wohlers 2015)

    Source: Forbes

    Key market figures

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  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    What if?

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    Additive Manufacturing and 3D-Printing in the EU

    The EC provided funds since the First Framework Programme

    (1984-1987). Under FP7 (2007-2013), over 60 AM projects funded

    with 160 million in EU funding, budget 225 million

    In Horizon 2020 (2014-2020), at least 27 AM projects in 2014-16,

    over 113 million in EU funding, mainly within the Key Enabling

    Technologies 70% of total FP7 funding in only 3 years!!!

    The EC Communication on Industrial Policy in 2012 and EC Digital Single Market Communications in 2016 mention 3D-Printing and

    AM as key elements to achieve their objectives

    In 2015, the EESC adopted an own-initiative opinion on 3D-

    Printing and the EP published a study about 3D-Printing.

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    Digital transformation

    of all industry in Europe requires

    a strong digital sector in Europe

    Broad digital transformation

    of all industry offers a unique opportunity to strengthen

    Europe's digital sector



    d Su



    The challenge of digital transformation

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    No 3D printing without photonics: laser or other light sources.

    Courtesy of Photonics 21

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    Regulatory framework and barriers for AM


    ISO/ASTM TC 261 - ASTM F42 - CEN/TC 438

    Digital Single Market EC Communications, 2016

    New regulations VS Using existing ones:

    EU legislation: Laser Products New Medical devices

    Regulation Machinery Personal Protective Equipment

    New US FDA guidelines for 3D-Printed medical devices No

    similar approach in the EU

    Qualification and Certification for parts / products, CE marking

    GE got FAA approval - Need of EU AM certification schemes

    Skills and training for existing labour force and students

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    Biomaterials for Health: 3D-Bioprinting

    Development of artificial skin for:

    In vitro test systems for pharmaceutical

    tests, drug development, reduction of

    animal tests

    Tissue replacement for soft tissue

    implants and diabetic wound healing

    20 m

    Success Stories of AM/3DP in EU funded projects

    7,8 M EU funding - 10,5 M budget

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    3D printing of bone-forming cells:

    Novel osteogenic customized scaffolds

    for tissue regeneration or repair by cell-

    encapsulating bio-silica alginate



    Bio-Scaffolds1,8 M EU funding 2,2 M budget

    H2020 NMP. 06/2013 -05/2016

    AM Success Stories EU funded projects

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    3-D porous hybrid nano-


    "Bottom-up"" approach to build

    nano-structured devices with smart

    multi-functional properties:

    Smart Air Filters for capture of


    Scaffolds for Dental repair and


    Fibre-based photovoltaic devices15

    3,9 M EU funding 5,4 M budget

    H2020 NMP. 12/2012 -11/2015

    AM Success Stories EU funded projects

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    Ceramic AM

    Personalized medical products:

    Micro surgical tools


    Suspension based additive manufacturing

    methods for ceramic/ceramic and



    5,1 M EU funding - budget

    H2020 FoF. 10/2015 -09/2018

    AM Success Stories EU funded projects

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    Multi-material AM machine

    Personalized bionics, smart endoprosthetics

    and exo-prosthetics.

    Bionic Through-life Sensing System devices

    able to collect data from sensors, able to

    monitor/analyse the patient.


    4,9 M EU funding - 7,3 M budget

    H2020 FoF. 10/2015 -09/2018

    AM Success Stories EU funded projects

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    Food supply chain: Food 3D-Printing

    Malnutrition can cause approximately additional170 billion Euros

    annually for the European health system

    Age-related diseases and disorders such as masticating and

    swallowing problems can lead to loss of appetite and


    3 M EU funding - 4 M budget

    AM Success Stories EU funded projects

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation


    4,2 M EU funding - budget

    H2020 MG. 09/2016-08/2019

    Future planes will use bionic

    structures that mimic the bone

    structure of birds.

    New designs and materials to

    increase the weight saving.

    New concepts for quality

    control, repair, recycling and

    spare parts logistics.

    AM Success Stories EU funded projects

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    7,9 M EU funding - budget

    3D-Printing of Houses.

    Hybrid (Additive and Subtractive) machine

    for 3D Printing technologies with concrete

    materials focused on the industrialization of

    the Construction Industry.

    Courtesy of Xtree

    AM Success Stories EU funded projects

  • PolicyResearch andInnovation

    La prochaine frontire? O trouver 4D-Printing?

    On 03/07/17 the EC published the

    Strategic recommendations to

    maximise the impact of future EU R&I

    programmes, starting 2021.

    Political drivers:

    EU budget: return on investment,

    impact on the ground, output-based

    funding, flexibility.

    Challenging political climate: EU

    added value, Brexit, EP elections

    Strong steer from Juncker priorities and

    objectives of Commissioner Moedas

    (3Os, EIC), simplification

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    Whats next?

    Public Consultation on FP9 Soon

    Info Day WP 2018-2020 Call for proposals on AM and 3DP

    3-4/10/17 Brussels

    AMEF 2017

    17/10/2017 Brussels!!!


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    Thanks for your attention!