3 things you must do if you want to make sales

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    Website Copywriting: 3 Things YouMust Do If You Want To Make Sales

    Website copy writing is one of the key skills to either outsource or learn about quickly,especially if you want to leverage the growing trend of online marketing.

    In todays market more and more of your potential clients are looking online for products andservices. Latest data suggests that over 80 % of consumers look online for a service provider.On top of that just last week, Garter announced its latest research findings that nearly 90% ofpeople look online to validate what they are buying. Now that can be either a product orservice. Wow!..I know even I didnt think it was that high till I reflected on myown behaviour.

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    This checking out can be through reviews, articles, blogs, social networking, press releasesand peer review. If this is the case then surely it makes sense to give you and your companythe best opportunity to make an impact, through appropriate website copywriting.

    The truth is many business owners dont always appreciate the rules of good copy writingonline. That is, your copywriting needs to inform at many different levels. Remember sellingonline is not face to face. Instead you have the power of the written word, perhaps somevisuals and if you are a little more advanced video.

    On top of all this people need to find you in the first place. So your content needs toinclude seo copywriting techniques to get Google to notice you and of course to be readableand informative.

    In a short space of time you need to establish for your website visitor 3 key things if you wantto stand any chance of them reading your content, engaging with you and picking up thephone.

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    1. They are in the correct place.

    That your website does actually provide the product or service that they are searching for.

    Let me give you an example that I am sure has already happened to you a couple of times. Forexample if you are a training company in Manchester you communicate with your websitevisitors that it is actually Manchester in the United Kingdom rather than the United States. Iknow this might sound crazy and yet it happens all the time.

    In addition think about your webpage content optimization. Say you have written an articleabout Time management and you are linking back to an article on your website. This needs tohave a similar theme. It helps with your SEO and also does not confuse your visitor.hasthat ever happened to you when you follow a link and end up somewhere on a website that istotally unrelated ? What did you do? leave the site I would suspect.

    2. You understand their problem.

    This is really key point that many nave new online marketers dont appreciate. Add in seocopywriting and it is no wonder people get confused. Good website copywriting can make aconnection happen literally within the first sentence. Engaging with your customer in this earlystage can give you a customer or client for a long period of time.Lets be honest as a human being one of our key drivers is to be understood. By speaking intowhat is going on for your potential new client, they will actually get that you do understandthem. As they evaluate if you are the person they want to work with or engage do you thinkthat this could make a difference?

    3. You have a product or service that can help them.

    Logical I know and yet many people miss this part out. In the old selling school days this wasknown as features verses benefits. The feature is what it is and the benefit what it actuallymeans to you. On my very first selling skills training course I learnt the phrase .

    Use this phrase as a way of pointing out to your potential new client what using your servicewill do for them. Remember online is different. You need to be explicit in what you say. Youdont have the power of your voice or body language to make an impact. Here is where goodwebsite copy writing can come into its own. It is all about making the features and benefitsrelevant to what your potential client is going through at the time.

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    So now are you ready to take some Action? Here is a quick plan for you

    1. Review your site. Make sure that the articles that link to it are Topic relevant.

    2. Does the content on your website talk about the problems your market has .and howyou can solve it for them.

    3. Does your writing include features and benefits ?

    To You and Your Online Success,

    Denise and Sharon

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