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  • n Growing Talent and ConfidenceSummer around here means lots of activity. Summer Camps for kids, summer classes for adults, and our summer performance schedule. All are popular. Some are downright noisy, in a joy-ful way! They all sound much better with our new sound system from our successful "Sounds Right" fund-raiser, see page 7.

    How do you define yourself? This Centerpieces features three sto-ries about talent growing into confidence through the arts. Two young gentlemen you'll recognize from their involvement in the theatre program, Andrew Aman and Sebastian Hagelstein, are sharing their talents. Both are well on their way to being recog-nized by much larger audiences. They are featured on pages 4-6. The last story is about a six-year-old youngster. That would be the Center itself. By refining our mission statement, we better de-fine our goals and shape our future. Read more on page 3.

    We have many pictures throughout this issue that show the Sum-mer Camp fun. If you ever wanted a glimpse inside the pottery studio, check out pages 8-9.

    Summer is (almost) over, but if you want to linger in that heat a bit longer we have a crossword puzzle for you. And we remind you that shows at the Carrollwood Cultural Center are in our air conditioned theatre! There's a lot to look forward to this Fall, a taste of which is listed on page 11.


    Banner Image: Front and Back cover artwork done by summer camp students



    Visit CARROLLWOODCENTER.ORG for upcoming events and activities.

  • The mission of the Carrollwood Cultural Center is to create culture through community and create community through culture.

    Note from the Director

    nWhat is a Mission?Mission statements for non-profits are often ponderous things, suitable mainly for an internal audience and to im-press funders. In non-profits they are used to focus the orga-nization. When a new program comes along, the first ques-tion that should be asked is Does it fit with our mission?

    During one of our strategic planning workshops, I chal-lenged the Board of Directors to recite the Centers mission statement. I even offered a bribe: $50 to the person who could say it from memory. I still have the $50 in my pocket. This isnt surprising; it is actually more of a norm for non-profits. Mission statements are often something that is written once and never looked at again.

    Today, an effective mission statement is more important than ever. The economy has proven that we need to have a laser focus on what we are doing to sustain ourselves long-term. The best statements express the authentic purpose of an organization and serve as a building block for everything it does. A good statement focuses our energy and clarifies our purpose. It motivates Board, staff, volunteers and do-nors. It is a beacon that will attract new people and more resources to our cause.

    So we set out to create a new mission statement for the Carrollwood Cultural Center. This sounds easy, but it was challenging. There is no one way to write a mission state-ment. We looked at examples to broaden our thinking and help us determine what makes a good one.

    Ultimately, our mission statement is a way of summing up the Center to the outside world. What makes us memorable and unique? Whats the one thing we want to be known for?

    More importantly, whats the message that already resonates with our donors and true fans? What do people think of now when they tell us why they are drawn to the Center?

    Here is what we came up with: The mission of the Carrollwood Cultural Center is to create culture through community and create community through culture.

    This is the heart of what we do here, through our programs, classes and events. We are a virtual neighborhood that cre-ates and celebrates culture together.

    But the vital thing to remember is that we are a work in prog-ress. The Centers mission will constantly be realized in new ways. At the end of the day, what matters most is taking ac-tion. So come. Attend programs. Support us. Youre part of our mission; help us to grow ever better at accomplishing it.

    Paul Berg

    nCenterpiecesOfficial Newsletter of the Carrollwood Cultural CenterFall 2014 Vol. 7, Issue 3

    Centerpieces reports quarterly on activities, people and issues associated with the Carrollwood Cultural Center. Letters to the editor and reader submissions are welcome. Please email the editor at centerpieces@carrollwoodcenter.org or mail to Centerpieces, Carrollwood Cultural Center, 4537 Lowell Road, Tampa, FL 33618. Include your name, address, phone number and the date. Centerpieces may edit your submission or with-hold publication.

    Centerpieces is produced by volunteers of the Carrollwood Cultural Center. New contributors are welcome.

    Carrollwood Cultural Center Staff Paul Berg, Executive Director Helen Michaelson, Education Director Richard Haerther, Artistic Director Rob Curry III, Facility Director Todd Dunkle, Development & Marketing Director Adrienne Hutelmyer, Marketing & Community Relations Director Gilda Butler, Pottery Manager Lee Maciaszek, Facility Coordinator Errik Darriba, Facility Coordinator Ruth Levy, Volunteer Coordinator Joan Lewis, Administrative Assistant Diane Leeper, Administrative Assistant Gainor Roberts and Nancy Kirkpatrick, Art Curators

    Friends of Carrollwood Cultural Center Board of Directors Nancy Stearns, President (nancy.stearns@carrollwoodcenter.org) Evelyn Bless, Vice President (evelyn.bless@carrollwoodcenter.org) Alan Preston, Treasurer (alan.preston@carrollwoodcenter.org) Bill DeMare (bill.demare@carrollwoodcenter.org) Jennifer Fritch (jennifer.fritch@carrollwoodcenter.org) Rex Henderson (rex.henderson@carrollwoodcenter.org) Sandra Harrington (sandra.harrington@carrollwoodcenter.org) Craig Nowicke (craig.nowicke@carrollwoodcenter.org)

    Thank you to all of the volunteers who contribute to the suc-cess of the Center. We couldn't do it without you!

    nCenter MissionThe mission of the Carrollwood Cultural Center is to create culture through community and create community through culture.

    Centerpieces Team Editor: Evelyn Bless Proofreader: Nancy Manning Photographer: Bob Kerns Graphic Designer: Diane Leeper

    Writers: Paul Berg, Janet Buc-knor, Todd Dunkle, Adrienne Hutelmyer, Diane Leeper, Pat Keeley, Judy Schiavo

    nMembershipAt the Center, being a member is more than a way of showing support and staying involved; its joining a family. Thank you to all of our members, including our Circles of Giving donors and corporate members listed below. As of July 7, 2014

    AMBASSADORS CIRCLEMs. Lori Ledbetter

    CHAMPIONS CIRCLEMs. Lauretta Chrys, Ms. Jennifer Fritch, Ms. Imogene McMahon, Ms. Irene Rubenstein

    PATRONS CIRCLEMs. Evelyn Bless, Mr. & Mrs. William DeMare, Anonymous, Ms. Theresa Granda, Mr. Rexford Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. Allen Levy, Mr. & Mrs. Ron Manning,Dr. & Mrs. Marty Port, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Preston, Dr. Mary Ann Ratliff, Mr. Michael L. Seigel & Dr. Sharon Dabrow, Ms. Nancy Stearns, Ms. Martha Sutton & Ms. Kathy Sutton, Mr. & Mrs. David Watson, Mr. & Mrs. Irving Weiner, Mr. Dick and Mrs. Katherine Woltmann, Women Authors Book Club

    PLATINUM CORPORATE MEMBERSCarlton Fields - Attorneys at Law, DAD - Donovan Audio Design, GMX Solutions, Tampa Realty Now Team (Craig & Linda Nowicke)

    GOLD CORPORATE MEMBERSBay Cities Bank, Carrollwood Massage Therapy, Feather Princesses, Orange Theory Fitness, Saady & Saxe, PA, Tampa Bay Thinkers Meet-Up Group, Tampa Writers Alliance

    SILVER CORPORATE MEMBERSCABA (Carrollwood Area Business Association), Empress Tea Room, MedExpress Urgent Care

    BRONZE CORPORATE MEMBERSAutosafety Driving School, Inc., Guaranteed Installations, Inc., Hall Engineering Group, Jackson Insurance & Financial Services, Jane Hollister Counseling, Lane Family Chiroprac-tic, Ministerio Internacional La Roca, Inc., Peter Stilton Studios, Pinwheel "The Art of Wellness Lifestyle"

    nHelp our family grow!For every person you send us who becomes a member of the Center, we will send you a $25 gift certificate to the Center!

    nVisit us!4537 Lowell RoadTampa, FL 33618(813) 922-8167info@carrollwoodcenter.orgwww.CarrollwoodCenter.org

    The Carrollwood Cultural Center is a partnership between Hillsborough Coun-ty and the Friends of Carrollwood Cul-tural Center. The Friends of Carrollwood Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

    Visit CARROLLWOODCENTER.ORG for upcoming events and activities.Thank you to all of our members, volunteers and community partners! 32

  • Its been a blast taking on a leadership role and getting to know these kids and all the talent they possess. - Andrew Aman

    n The Total Package: Andrew AmanThe first thing you notice is that captivating smile. As he makes his entry onto the stage, you can see his boundless energy whether danc-ing, singing or playing a character. Andrew Aman has it all: he is the Total Package.

    Andrew has appeared in a variety of musicals. He was Tommy Djilas in The Music Man, Prince Chulalongkorn in The King and I, Vlad Vladikov and Horton in Suessical the Musical. In addition,

    he played Charles Condomine during a reading of Blythe Spir-it, acted the part of a bully for a bullying awareness project video that was seen in schools around the country, and danced and performed as a guest at the Ball in a ballet version of Cin-derella at Blake High School for the Performing Arts.

    I wake up in the morning and think about what is the next theatrical excursion I am going on today," says Andrew. I just cant seem to get the performing arts out of my head. From the time I wake up and go to Blake u