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Text of © Prison Reform Trust and HM Prison Service/ · PDF file© Prison Reform Trust and HM...

Prison Reform Trust and HM Prison Service/NOMS

This publication can be shared, copied, distributed and transmitted but not sold. It can not be altered inany way without the permission of the copyright owners.

The Prison Reform Trust works to create a fair and decent prison system. We dothis by looking at how prisons are working, giving information to prisoners, staffand people outside and by asking the government and officials to make changes.

First published in 2008 by Prison Reform Trust

ISBN: 0946209 86 3

For further information, contact:

Prison Reform Trust15 Northburgh StreetLondon EC1V 0JR020 7251

The National Offender Management Service: part of theMinistry of Justice protecting the public and reducing re-offend-ing by delivering probation and prison services.

Both HMPS and the Prison Reform Trust would like to thank prisoners and staff at HMP Wandsworth forhelping with this book and Mencap for its work to make the book easier to read.

The Prison Reform Trust would like to thank the Big Lottery Fund and the Diana, Princess of WalesMemorial Fund for supporting our charity to improve information for prisoners.

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