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  • MobileInternet Rocks Sector Oct, 2011
  • 1Mobile Industry Potentialand Innovation
  • Mobile Market Size and TrendRefer to Morgan Stanleys 3 reports:1. The mobile Internet report setup2. The mobile Internet report key themes3. The mobile Internet reportdownload here: one word: very large market potential and full of opportunities 10X Market Size 10X Units of Desktop Internet and PC 10X Users Chen Chens Work
  • Mobile Industry Potential Desktop: limited and fixed in some where and some time Time&Space Time and Space Mobile: Portable and Mobile , anywhere , anytime 5 years life cycle, 50% population Desktop: Mobile Internet & Device penetration in China Users and Units 10X desktop, 2 years life cycle, 80% Mobile: population penetration Desktop Internet & PC Desktop: Win+Intel. Keyboard, Mouse and display I/O&Hardware Hard-&Soft- ware Innovation Convergence and diversified Users and Units Mobile: Equipped with sensors: Mic, camera, GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, NFC, projection, touch screenMobile Sector Idea Chen Chens Work
  • Mobile Industry Opportunities 4 Cloud Computing Communication Tech and Network Portable and mobility 6 Mobile SNS 5 Application(O2O) Huge user and faster life cycle 1 Ecosystem & Industry landscape revolution Hardware and Software LBS Innovation Mobile Payment 2 Augmented Reality Convergence The Internet of things 3 DeveloperMobile Sector Idea Chen Chens Work
  • General Idea about Mobile Internet / O2O Hard2Soft Community Chen Chens Work
  • 2Mobile IndustryChain and PlayerAnalysis
  • Mobile Industry Chain Sensor providers Is the mobile handset industry landscape approaching PC-like? Chips Application & Game Brand Assembler Handset/Pad App Market OS PC Suite Chen Chens Work
  • Chipset LandscapeARM is the Winner Ecosystem: Compatible with main OS and software 90% Handset Mkt. Share Lower BOM cost: 1/3~1/10 of Intel Excellent performance: CotexA9 80% Pad Mkt. Share Lower Power consumption: 1/20 of Intel Symbian, Windows CE, Linux, Android, OS iOS, Blackberry, QNX, WebOS, Windows Windows, Meego, Android Phone, Windows 8, NVIDIA, Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm, Chip Intel Broadcom, Freescale, ST OEM/Brand Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, LG ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Fujitu Chen Chens Work
  • Influence by Hard. Tech. Innovation(contd) I. Massive information Synchronization Cloud computing II. O2O Interaction LBS Local business and mobile payment Business process extension III.SNS Evolution Augment realitygyroscope GPS Elastic Social Network Chen Chens Work
  • Influence by Hard. Tech. Innovation(contd) 3rd mobile payment Coupon, ID card, VIP card Near Field data(ad, biz card, micro-payment) exchange Augmented Reality, camera scanner and recognition Camera IR Virtual Laser Keyboard(Magic Cube) Projector Gesture Recognition(touch in the air not only in the screen) + Camera LBS search by image shot GPSGyroscope LBS based social network and O2O applicationAccelerator +NFC the Internet of thing Chen Chens Work
  • The Winner of Mobile Terminals Performance The Winners Leaders New product experience Pressure Vertical Players Vertical Players Leveraged by Control the upstream content content(channel) and content channel Online Marketing Vertically hold the ecosystem Low Cost AssemblersTraditional Players Cost structure optimized for The traditional players razor-thin margins Branding are squeezed in Android is a long-term Offline Channel Horizontal Players opportunity for global reac New Strategy Cooperate with Internet or telecom player to build close Assemblers system New players Build own communities, BB Razor-thin margins messaging, Huawei Carrier channels Price Pressure Chen Chens Work
  • OS and Software Platform iOS Android MacOS MachDarwin15 LinuxJava Dalvik MacOS Java C/C++ NDK : cocoa touch + objective C GmailGoogle Jave google apple ROM Chen Chens Work
  • Apples Ecosystem iOS MacbookipodiphoneipadiTV iCloud Chen Chens Work
  • Googles Strategy O2O / O2O SNS Integrated with Nexus Mobile Payment App Storeand Platform