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Google Fonts for Dreamweaver CS6

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Text of Google Fonts for Dreamweaver CS6

Adding Google Fonts

Adding Google FontsHere you will learn the steps to add Google font to one tag on your Dreamweaver CS6 pageCreate a new Dreamweaver page using 2 column fixed, left sidebar, header and footerAdding Google Fonts

Select the heading on the page. h1Adding Google Fonts

Go to Google Fonts

Find a font you like and select Quick-use. Here you will see how long it takes to load and the code to be added to your web page.Adding Google Fonts

Open Dreamweaver html page to code view. Insert font code after Adding Google Fonts

Select the heading on the page. Adding Google Fonts

Go to Properties panel choose Edit Rule> New Rule>

Adding Google Fonts

New Selector Type> Choose Tag for all tags. Then click OK.Adding Google Fonts

Select font name and add to Font-family in Type panel with out any .Adding Google Fonts

Check to see if the h1 tag is your font. The new font fill not be seen until on viewed Live.Adding Google Fonts

Live view will show the font for . Also you can use a Class tag and add font family. Adding Google Fonts

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