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Introduction to Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6

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Introduction to Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6 Complete Coverage of the Adobe® Certified Associate Exam: Web Communication using Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6

Text of Introduction to Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6

  • introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

    Complete Coverage of the Adobe Certified Associate Exam: Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

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  • AUTHOR Jeremy Osborn



    VP & PUBLISHER Don Fowley

    EDITOR Bryan Gambrel

    DIRECTOR OF SALES Mitchell Beaton







    COVER DESIGNER Georgina Smith

    TECHNOLOGY & MEDIA Tom Kulesa, Wendy Ashenberg

    TECHNICAL EDITORS Cathy Auclair, Haziel Olivera, Greg Heald

    ART DIRECTOR Jennifer Smith

    This book was set in Bembo by Spoke & Wheel with production and development services provided by American Graphics Institute. It was printed and bound by Courier Kendallville. The covers were printed by Lehigh Phoenix.

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    ISBN 978-1-118-39406-9

    Printed in the United States of America

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    Welcome to Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Part of Wileys Adobe courseware series, this book is designed as a complete introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver for Creative Suite 6. With this series, weve set out to produce a series of textbooks that deliver compelling and innovative teaching solutions to instructors and superior learning experiences for students. Infused and informed by in-depth knowledge from Adobe Certified Experts and Dreamweaver professionals who have created many official training titles for Adobe Systems, and crafted by a publisher known worldwide for the pedagogical quality of its products, these textbooks maximize skills transfer in minimum time. Students are challenged to reach their potential by using their new technical skills as highly productive members of the workforce. This courseware was designed to ensure you receive the topical coverage that is most relevant to your personal and professional success.

    Wileys Adobe courseware ProgramWileys Adobe courseware series is a complete program for instructors and institutions to prepare and deliver great courses on Adobe software technologies. With this courseware series, we recognize thatbecause of the rapid pace of change in the technology and curriculum developed by Adobethere is an ongoing set of needs beyond classroom instruction tools for an instructor to be ready to teach the course. This courseware program endeavors to provide solutions for all these needs in a systematic manner in order to ensure a successful and rewarding course experience for both instructor and student via technical and curriculum training for instructor readiness with new software releases and a great set of tools for delivering instruction in the classroom and lab. All are important to the smooth delivery of a course on Adobe software, and all are provided with Wileys Adobe courseware program. We think about this model as a gauge for ensuring that we completely support you in your goal of teaching a great course.

    VIDEO TUTORIALSYour Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 textbook comes with access to approximately 2hours of online video tutorials. The video tutorials are designed to supplement each lesson in the book. These video tutorials are created and presented by the authors and demonstrate topics covered in each lesson or related topics that enhance your understanding of each lesson.

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    Illustrator book tour

    Lesson Skill Matrix

    Business Case

    Software Orientations (???)



    Button Images (???)

    Key Terms

    Reader Aids (???)

    Cert Ready

    New Feature (???)

    Skill Summary

    Video Tutorials (need screen shot)

    Knowledge Assess

    Competency, Prof, Mastery Assessment (???)

    Internet Ready

    Circling Back

    Illustrated Book Tour

    Pedagogical FeaturesThe Wiley Adobe courseware and textbooks for Adobe Creative Suite 6 are designed as complete introductory textbooks on a particular Adobe software product. The books are also designed to cover all the learning objectives for that products related Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam. The ACA exam is industry-recognized and identifies skills and topics expected for entry-level positions. Each ACA exam item is referred to as an exam objective, and these objectives are highlighted throughout the textbooks. Many pedagogical features have been developed specifically for this courseware. Unique features of our task-based approach include a Lesson Skill Matrix that correlates skills taught in each lesson to the ACA objectives; Certification Ready exercises; and two levels of increasingly rigorous lesson-ending activitiesCompetency Assessment and Proficiency Assessment.

    Presenting the extensive procedural information and technical concepts woven throughout the textbook raises challenges for the student and instructor alike. The Illustrated Book Tour that follows provides a guide to the rich features contributing to Wileys Adobe courseware pedagogical plan. Following is a list of key features in each lesson designed to prepare students for success on the certification exams and in the workplace:

    Each lesson begins with a Lesson Skill Matrix. More than a standard list of learning objectives, the skill matrix correlates each software skill covered in the lesson to the specific ACA exam objective.

    Each lesson features a real-world Business Case scenario that places the software skills and knowledge to be acquired in a real-world setting.

    Concise and frequent Step-by-Step instructions teach students new features and provide an opportunity for hands-on practice. Numbered steps give detailed instructions to help students learn software skills. The steps also show results and screen images to match what students should see on their computer screens.

    Illustrations provide visual feedback as students work through the exercises. The images reinforce key concepts, provide visual clues about the steps, and allow students to check their progress.

    When the text instructs a student to use a particular tool, tool images are shown within the text.

    Important technical vocabulary is listed in the Key Terms section at the beginning of the lesson. When these terms are used later in the lesson, they appear in bold italic type and are defined. The Glossary contains all of the key terms and their definitions.

    Engaging point-of-use Reader Aids locate

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