Everything you need to know about Google's new Material Design: An Illustrated Primer

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A recap of some of the top lessons learned on material design and designing at Google from Google's 2014 I/O conference.


<ul><li> Ximena Vengoechea </li> <li> a. Overview b. Deep dive: Foundations of Imagery, Dimensionality, Motion c. The multi-screen world d. Getting started e. Extras: Design sprints, Wearables material design: a primer </li> <li> In its simplest form, material design is a new visual design language that will operate across all of Googles platforms (Chrome web, Android devices, wearables, and the like). what is material design? </li> <li> material design </li> <li> but what does that look like? </li> <li> deep dive </li> <li> visuals + imagery </li> <li> dimen- sion- ality </li> <li> motion </li> <li> material design for the multi- screen world </li> <li> material design for the multi- screen world </li> <li> getting started Resources: google.com/design gv.com/designsprint developer.android.com/wear CCA meetups: https://www.cca. edu/academics/wearables Google Material Design book: my desk :) </li> <li> extras </li> <li> the design sprint </li> <li> the design sprint, at scale </li> <li> designing for wearables </li> <li> 9 principles of material design 1. the material metaphor 2. tangible surfaces 3. dimensional affordances 4. one design 5. bold and intentional 6. emphasize actions 7. user-initiated change 8. animation choreography 9. meaningful motion </li> <li> thanks! </li> </ul>