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Google has stopped showing the keywords from which visitors are visiting your site, making it difficult for webmasters and website owners to deal with their web traffic. What is a solution of this?

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  • 1.Googles New Privacy PolicyOr New marketing Strategy Used by Google to make money

2. Google announced in October that searches will now beencrypted for logged in Google Users. What does this mean?It means that if Google user who is searching something onGoogle and he is logged in any of the Googles service Its search result will be encrypted and will be redirected to https rather than http. 3. Secured Login ExampleThis is a secure login, in this your search result is protected. 4. Unsecured Login ExampleWhen a user is not logged in from any Google account. 5. How does it affects SEO?As per Matt Cutts this is a minor change .Less than 10% of your Website traffic will be affected by this.But Google has more than 260 million users in gmail and google+. This change will affect us more than predicted by Google engineers. 6. Not provided consist of 0.58% in ravine hotel website for October 7. Not provided "consist of 2.91% in ravine hotel website for November 8. For New Websites like Vertical pharmacy Not provided "consist of 12.63% forNovember 9. In Vertical pharmacy Not provided climbed the top spot with13.48% for Current month of December. 10. Our other sites like: Emdedoutlet : 6.5% (Top position)Nobledrugstore : 8.70% (Top position) Shopeastwest : 6.32% (Top position)In all the above site not provided is the Top keyword 11. Who all will be affected?We all, Webmaster, Website owners, with increasingnumber of result showing Not defined, or not provided.The Site owner specially of online pharmacy are in big trouble since we are not allowed for paid ads also. 12. Is Google Turning Evil?"Dont be evil" is the motto of google, but over the period of time it is turning Evil.In Encrypted search, all organic result are not shown reason being given as a privacy of a user. But this does not apply to paid ads.You can still see your keywords if they are paid ones even from theencrypted search. This is the double standard from the Google. This is done purposely to promote paid Ads on Google. 13. Are there any Solutions to this Problem?Currently There are no substitution for Google analytics.The only solution I found was to either give a paid ad inGoogle or switch to Google analytics Premium.What is Google analytics premium ? This is a new paid analytic tool from Google. 14. I applied for the quotation and the reply I got was :This paid service, is currently available only is countries in USA and Canada.So I applied with Usa address and reply I got was: Apologies - you showed up as coming from India which I think may be an error! Thanks for your interest in Premium. The program has a flat annual fee of $150,000 which we invoice monthly ($12,500 per month).The Premium features (including faster data, unsampled reporting, and more customvariables) can be enabled on your existing GA account within 2 business days of you joining the program - no retagging necessary.Please let me know if youd like to set up some time to discuss further.Thanks again 15. Conclusion: As far as we webmasters are concern we have to see how much of our traffic is coming from encrypted source. We need to find a solution to this. Some of the thing I tried Used Other webmaster tools. But regardless of the version of GoogleAnalytics you use, and regardless of which web analytics tool in the marketyou use, this change impacts every tool exactly the same way. The change is not in web analytics, the change is in the Google search engine. Here is a link of a blog search-keyword-data-analysis/This have steps to crack Not Provided Data to some extent,Getting entire data is not at all possible. 16. Thank You