Talk - Data Insights Meetup (Dec 4 2014)

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  1. 1. Quantified Self and transparent software tools and techniques by Rasmus NOBLACKBOX Cambridge Ltd Data Insights, Metail, December 4th 2014
  2. 2. Confession I do not quantify my own self! .. so title should probably be: Transparent software and Quantified Self
  3. 3. Quantified Self London QS (1800+ members) Adriana Lukas transparent data aggregators Research concepts match: Self-tracking self-hacking Gary Wolf step data!
  4. 4. Wearable tech (unbreakable tech?) (self-TRACKING) Omron Body Fat Monitor NIKE+ FUELBAND Maneesh Juneja - Health 2.0 London
  5. 5. Good app (bad app?) (self-TRACKING) Sleep Cycle App mySymptoms App Emotion Sense App
  6. 6. Simple tools (self-TRACKING)
  7. 7. Data aggregators (self-HACKING) Say hello to you OpenSource, data agnostic Commercial, Health Custom software Some APIs, not many, nor full access
  8. 8. Data fusing, behind the scenes .. Major data aggregator selling point: Dont worry, we will take care of that ..
  9. 9. QS: More transparency, please London QS and QS Europe (2014) How do I synchronize different streams? Transparency and provenance Flexibility Drag and Drop Loosing autonomy for other gains
  10. 10. Quantified self profile observed Behind- the- scenes magic not trusted Fancy visualizations not necessarily a plus
  11. 11. NO BLACK BOX
  12. 12. Adding transparency, via ... .. two-way links ... DATA MODEL created by the user, not a computer!
  13. 13. Demoing Machine autonomy is theater Jaron Lanier Who owns the future?
  14. 14. Thank you .. Cambridge Quantified Self (show-and-tell, research, and technology for self-trackers and self-hackers) Organisation and Planning Meeting Tomorrow morning 9am @ Hot Numbers Pssst, new meetup in town: