How to analyze Instagram posts exported from another service

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  • HOW TO

    Analyze Instagram posts

    exported from another


    Data from your other social media services

    can be processed via "List Analysis" for

    greater insight into activity you are already



    1. Export Instagram data (including usernames/IDs) from your preferred

    service as an XLS or CSV file

    * This "how-to" assumes you have access to a 3rd party service that allows you to export historic

    Instagram data. If you do not have such access and you require assistance, we are happy to

    cater for this as a custom service. Please contact our team at

  • 2. Ensure that it contains Instagram usernames or numerical Instagram IDs in

    the first column

  • 3. Click the red GET ANALYSIS button on the ANALYZE tab

  • 4. Click "Analyze on Instagram"

  • 5. Click LIST

  • 6. Select your list type from the drop - down menu (names or numerical IDs)

  • 7. Click the select xls/csv... To choose your list

  • 8. Click the red UPLOAD LIST button to upload

  • 9. Click the green OK button

  • 10. Click "view analysis now" to view your analysis

  • 11. Now you have your analysis!

    Audience profile and 30+ pages of detailed analysis

    Download as a PDF report or spreadsheet

    Comparison with Instagram average

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