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An overview and step-by-step guide to using Optimal Resume to create a resume.

Text of Resume Builder Guide

  • 1. Optimal Resume Users Guide
  • 2. I need a resume. Now what?
    • Sections?
    • Formatting?
    • What do I write?
  • 3. Optimal Resume can help
    • A suite of online software that contains, among other things, a resume builder
  • 4. How can it help?
    • Easy to use
    • You can access anywhere, anytime
    • Samples and advice along the way
  • 5. How do I access it?
    • [INSTITUTION] has already purchased it for you!
    • You can use the software for free
  • 6. The specifics
    • Visit [SUBDOMAIN]
    • Create an account or log in
  • 7. Begin creating your resume
    • When you log in, youre in the Document Center, and you can create many types of documents
    • Click Create New Resume
  • 8. 3 ways to proceed
    • Youll name your resume, then
  • 9. Browse section sets
    • Your resume will be divided into sections
    • Browse section sets by experience level and industry/resume type
    • You can add any set you like to your resume
    Experience Level Industry/Resume Type Sections
  • 10. Browse samples
    • See completed resume samples, categorized by job family and experience level
    • If you see a sample you like, you can directly edit it with your information
  • 11. Begin editing
    • Whether you selected section sets or are using a sample, you can edit your resume in 3 steps
    • Click on any section
    • Add, format and save content
    • Use the tools for styling and content assistance
  • 12. Click on any section
    • When you can click on a section, it will turn orange when you mouse over it
  • 13. Add, format and save content
    • Add content in the text box and use the tools on the top right and in the tools section of the right toolbar for content assistance
    • Format content using tools like bold and italics
    • When finished, click the Save button
  • 14. Style your resume
    • Clicking Style Resume will bring up the styling palette, where you can choose from pre-styles or customize almost every aspect of your resume
  • 15. Opt in to ResumeGPS
    • ResumeGPS is an employer-searchable resume bank. If an employer finds your resume, he/she might invite you to interview online!
  • 16. Other options
    • Rename change the name of your document
    • Clone make a copy of your document (like Save As)
    • Review Center submit your document for review by a counselor
    • Download Save a printable version of your document
    • Print Preview See how your document will look in print
    • To do Create a to-do list for yourself
    • Switch Resumes open another resume in the builder
  • 17. Share
    • A shareable URL that you can send to employers or mentors
    • Post your document to social networking sites or share it via e-mail