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  • PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans Entering the Workforce: Leveraging Your Portfolio, Skills and Experience to Land the Right Opportunity
  • Embarking On Your Journey
    • Portfolio complete!
      • Now what?
    • The Economy:
      • How do I deal?
    • Where do I start?!
      • Develop an action plan
    Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans
  • Examining Opportunities
    • Research which industries and companies are hiring
      • Websites
      • Social networks
      • Newspaper / business journals
      • University career services
    • Tap into your network!
      • AIP professors, clients, speakers, etc.
      • Past employers jobs and internships
      • Volunteer or professional organizations
      • Family and friends
    Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans
  • Other Steps You Can Take
    • Keep up with new technologies
    • Leverage your unique skills and life experiences
    • Join more online networking groups
    • Expand personal marketing efforts
    • Share ideas with other students in different areas of study
    Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans
  • Whats Working in Your Favor?
    • Employers are more likely to hire new graduates
      • Even in a tough market
    • Your ability to multi-task, master social media/new technology, and teach others
    • Access to information trends are easy to research
    • Pittsburgh is a tight-knit communitywork your alumni channels through LinkedIn and Associations
    Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans
  • Preparing To Interview
    • Writing a good cover letter is critical
      • Style and substance
    • Refine your resume frequently
      • Seek a professionals opinion
    • Update your portfolios hard copy & digital
      • Acquire any samples you dont already have
      • Convert any file types necessary for digital
    • Get your references lined-up
      • Request LinkedIn recommendations
    Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans
  • Customize Your Pitch
    • DO
    • Tell employers why they should want you be unique
    • Tailor your resume, cover letter and portfolio
      • Each position is different!
    • Reference/include digital portfolio link or samples
    • DONT
    • Forget to proofread resume, cover letter, even emails!
    • Ignore social media profiles employers check!
      • Untag unflattering photos, delete unprofessional posts
    • Be shy follow up with email or phone call
    Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans
  • Before the Interview
    • Get into the right state of mind and expect success
    • Plan and prepare your elevator pitch
    • Remember why you give a damn
    • Practice delivery focusing on pace, pitch and tone
    Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans
  • They Want to Interview Me!
    • Bring your hard copy portfolio to the interview
    • Be brief but thorough in your explanation of your samples
      • Explain your role in the project
      • Discuss leadership and teamwork, if applicable
      • State results or feedback
    • Answer any questions the employer may have about your portfolio
    Nora Connor & Christopher R. Evans
  • After the Interview
    • Offer to leave behind any samples the employer would like to review further
      • Print-outs / copies of hard copy samples
      • Link to your digital work
    • Ask for next steps what the timeframe and decision process entails
    • Send your interviewer(s) a thank you note
  • A Few Helpful Links
    • Ad Age Talent Works
    • Ad Age Marketing Recruiters List
    • American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)
    • American Marketing Association (AMA)
    • AMA Pittsburgh
    • Brazen Careerist
    • Carbon Made
    • Doostang
    • Imagine My New Job
  • A Few Helpful Links
    • LinkedIn
    • Ohio Creatives
    • Pittsburgh Advertising Federation
    • Pittsburgh Creative
    • Pittsburgh Technology Council
    • Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project (PUMP)
    • Pittsburgh Young Professionals (PYP)
    • The Regional Internship Center of Southwestern PA
    • Talent Zoo
  • Congratulations and Best Wishes!
    • Nora Connor
    • [email_address]
    Christopher R. Evans [email_address]