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Art portfolio!! . Taylor ivory 3 rd Mrs. Faust. my artist statement!:p. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Art portfolio!! 

Art portfolio!!

Art portfolio!! Taylor ivory 3rd Mrs. Faust

my artist statement!:pI was born in crystal river florida.MY favorite things to do are play volleyball, dance, track, cheer, and of course art! I tried out for volleyball this year and made the team it was a good year and B team was 6-3! I hope we do good next year to. I dance at sharper image and take tap and jazz its a lot of fun. I did dance for six years but then stopped to play softball for 4 years but it got to competitive so I stopped to do dance again. My favorite thing to paint are sunsets. They are pretty and fun to paint! Plus I hope I make the track team and basketball cheerleading squad!!The activity I like the most was the still life!

The artist that inspires me is..Vincent Van Gogh! 1.he chopped off his the earlobe of his left ear 2.he did many self portraits of himself 3.he worked with quite a few people 4.born march 30 1853 5.he was named after his grandfather Vincent and his uncle cent. 6.he was close to his bro Theo 7.theos son was named after him 8.he killed himself in a sunflower field 9.he only sold one painting while he was alive 10.he was the second oldest child in his family.The reason he inspires me is because of his creative paintings and use of bright colors and blending of dark colors to. I also like the fact that he got famous with just one painting. He may have been weird but the weirdest people have the most fascinating paintings.

My artwork!!!!Painting

My art portfolio And backpack!

Fish prints and batik!!

Carving block and ink prints!!

Still-life with water color pencils!!!!!!


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