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  1. 1. UK investor visa from Kuwait is applicable to those applicants who want to start a new- or get contribute to an established business in the UK. To qualify for this category apart from scoring a minimum of 95 points the applicant ought to have at least GBP200.000 available for investments (liquidated). Also the applicant will have to prove that he has ample savings to support himself and his family in the UK. The application process will be online, and the processing time to get the visa in this category is approximately 8 weeks. If successful, this visa will be valid for 3 years (for applicant, spouse and dependent children). To extend this visa, the applicant will have to prove that he has successfully made a capital investment of at least GBP200.000 in one or more new or established businesses. He or she should also have created two full-time jobs for UK citizens or residents. If all these requirements have been met, the applicant can apply for a permanent UK residence visa after five years. - See more at: Tags: UKInvestorVisaFromKuwait


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