Top 5 Ways SEO & Social Media Can Work Together To Be Insanely Successful by Purna Virji

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From SMX East 2013 - In House SEO & Social Media: How To Work Together - Top 5 Ways SEO & Social Media Can Work Together To Be Insanely Successful by Purna Virji #SMX #34D


<ul><li> 1. Ways SEO &amp; Social Can Work Together to Make Each Other Insanely Successful5 @PurnaVirji </li></ul> <p> 2. Senior Marketing Manager at Stroll Proud Mom Columnist at Search Engine Watch Speaker at SMX, Affiliate Summit, eTail &amp; More @PurnaVirji 3. Leveraging relationships &amp; building synergies @PurnaVirji Great tactics for outreach &amp; promotion Content creation &amp; marketing tips Brand &amp; reputation management Goal tracking &amp; effective communication 4. Promoted Posts to Scale Outreach &amp; Link Building Traditional link building can be made drastically more effective by tying in some strategic paid promotions. @PurnaVirji 5. @PurnaVirji 6. @PurnaVirji 7. @PurnaVirji 8. @PurnaVirji 9. @PurnaVirji 10. @PurnaVirji 11. @PurnaVirji 12. Be prepared for trial &amp; error Let the community manager &amp; SEO team work together, with advice from PPC teams Make sure your content is really good Ensure the CM responds to all comments @PurnaVirji 13. More Effective Content Creation A joint brainstorming session based on solid analytics can help ensure a steady stream of killer content that works for you every time. @PurnaVirji 14. @PurnaVirji Image Source: 15. @PurnaVirji 16. SEO monthly plan Content for Most Effective Link Building Content for Most Engagement Target demo data Key topics by demo @PurnaVirji 17. @PurnaVirji 18. Do more of what works Spend Budget more effectively More effective planning @PurnaVirji 19. @PurnaVirji Community Manager 20. @PurnaVirji 21. @PurnaVirji 22. @PurnaVirji 23. Engaging Influencers Encourage the social media team to build strong relationships with influencers to help with link building. @PurnaVirji 24. @PurnaVirji Image Source: 25. @PurnaVirji 26. @PurnaVirji 27. @PurnaVirji Community Manager Influencers Audience 6 months 28. @PurnaVirji 29. @PurnaVirji 30. @PurnaVirji 31. Brand Awareness and Reputation Management How your community manager can help to build the brand to help SEO efforts. @PurnaVirji 32. Lesser known brands=harder outreach Social helps build brand awareness Share valuable &amp; interesting content Reputation for excellence Showcase personality Provide value to stand out SEOs can: Prove legitimacy of brand Leverage a strong community Increase outreach success @PurnaVirji 33. @PurnaVirji 34. @PurnaVirji Negative reviews = Hurt SERPs Monitor social media to nip things in the bud Sprout Social Trackur Hootsuite Social Mention Frontline defense for customer service Design damage control strategy Act quickly and swiftly Take personal interest &amp; follow up Avoid escalation to sites like ripoffreport Image Source: 35. @PurnaVirji Image Source: Image Source: 36. @PurnaVirji CM = your connection to the customers. Helpful for unique content Use testimonials for CRO efforts Also help with clout on social media Be creative Contests e.g. Best product use Video testimonials Success stories Consider surveys or polls to help shape strategy. 37. @PurnaVirji Image Source: 38. Goal Tracking &amp; Communication Schedules How to most effectively manage the teams on a day to day basis to optimize synergies and how to set and track success metrics. @PurnaVirji 39. Daily: Stand-up meetings Weekly check-ins: Review content calendar Targeting for upcoming posts Progress checks Performance of KPIs Strategy tweaks Monthly brainstorming sessions: Influencers to target Outreach content Future direction @PurnaVirji Image Source: 40. Specific &amp; Measurable Goals Applicable for both teams Defined sets of KPIs: Orders- Source Buckets Links Acquired Result of outreach Interactions- Reach, shares and comments @PurnaVirji 41. @PurnaVirji Image Source: 42. @PurnaVirji Say Hello or Ask Questions Anytime: Read More At: </p>