They want to do what? Hands on production tips to save your budget and your sanity

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Does this sound like you? You’ve got video budget, but not nearly enough to satisfy your video hungry colleagues. Colleagues who are chomping at the bit to create video but then you see what they’ve come up with on their own and it resembles a b-rated horror movie on its best day. Sound familiar?In this presentation we’ll show you some best practices around creating your own vlog and social media campaigns that look good, stays on brand and empowers colleagues. We’ll provide “do it yourself” shooting, interview and post production tips, plus we’ll also share some great approaches on how to get the most out of your video.We’ve all been there and we want to help.

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  • 1. They want to dowhat???Tips to save your budget and your sanity.Mike Leonmleon@brandheroes.ca1.416.543.5292

2. Ever feel like yourcolleagues seevideo like this 3. But then you see whatthey come up with ontheir own... 4. Colleague TipKitaka yoursurvival pack 5. But first a littleabout you and a bitabout me 6. Who am I? President and Chief Brand Hero of Brand Heroes Integrated Marketing Consultancy Brand Strategy and Design Marketing Communications Branded Content MBA and BBA Branding Instructor @ WLU 7. Some shameless self promotion 8. Survival Kit Details Pre-Production Check-list Location Scouting Release Forms and dress code (well kinda) Equipment list, Interview Sheet and Shot list Production Shot Framing 101 Interview Techniques Post Production Music the bane of my existence Cheap or Free Stock Imagery (thats right free!) Donuts not the kind you eat, but theyre still healthy! 9. Production Check-list Location Scout Lots and lots of electrical outlets Youll be amazed how many youll use. Ideally some good natural light, but not too much Avoid a room with 360 degree windows But some are good, could help reduce the amount you need tobring Optimal sound conditions No echo or cavernous environments No hum or murmur As a nice to have close to a convenience store... 10. Release forms and Dress Code Multi-platform release forms are key. Also get on-camera consent Prior to the taping, you want to provide your star withsome helpful tips Avoid clothing with stripes, tight patterns, checkers etc Avoid red and if youre shooting on a green or blue screen, dontwear green or blue If you plan on shooting for multiple videos, bring multiplechanges of clothes 11. Interviews, Shots, Equiment Oh My! Write out your interviews in advance, but put a reminderto your folks to ask their subjects for complete answers Important as your voice will likely be edited out Overwrite. Best to have more questions than less, but be sureto prioritize your favourite 3 for time-sake. Dont just read offyour sheet. Listen to their answers and allow for in the momentquestions based on the gold they provide Shot List: A, B and C Content! Equipment Bring external mic, tripod and at least one light Also keep in mind one camera isnt optimal for all occasions 12. A Camera for every occasion! Vlog Recordings Which one to pick? Streeter Style Higher end Narrative 13. Production Framing a ShotCouldnt have said it better myself! 14. Production tips that arent on Vimeo The soft side of production Give the flight attendant speech Let them know which direction you want them to look Let them know how the interview process will go Dont be afraid to direct them...and praise them Same goes for B-Roll Keep time and give them progress reports. Let them know whenits the last questionAt the end, ask them if theres anything they want to say thatthey werent asked this is huge! 15. Your best friend the shot listTape# (or TC In: TC Out: Audio In: Audio Descripti AlternateCard)Out:onuseThis will save your life in post! 16. Post Production Music Cheap ($30 50) SmartSound - Cheap ($30 ) IstockAudio Expensive APM Music ($300) - Expensive(er) Jingle Punks ($500) - Expenive(est) ($500) Music for Productions - 17. Post Production Low Cost Graphics (or even free!) Stock.xchng- FreeDigitalPhotos FreeStockImages - - Dreamstime - Important Caveat You get what you pay for! For betterimages try 18. Post Production Editing and Compression Software that wont break thebank Power Director Windows Movie Maker YouTube Editor Adobe Premiere 19. Donuts and Intros Good way to ensure quality and consistency Could create easily with a basic editing program I.e - 20. Collaborating, Capturing, Sharing: Mediafire (my favorite) - www.mediafire.comDropbox - www.dropbox.comYousendit - www.yousendit.comVimeo Live Desktop Capture (this runs in the background andrecords what ever is on your desktop at a time). Perfectif he wants to capture a demo of a site or an app for aclient.Camtasia - 21. Key Take-Aways Rome wasnt built in a day, but a bookshelf can be! Work with them to set realistic, but ambitious goals 5 times measure, one time cut The shot-lists will be your MVP Be wary of the Starbucks factor Not every person loves every flavour be careful about selectedwhich projects can be done by non-video folks vs. through atrained in-house or external production unit 22. Thank You!@Brandheroes Mike Leon (416)