Pardot Elevate 2012 - Agile Marketing: Save Your Sanity

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The day-to-day life of a marketer is busy. You spend numerous hours making sure that each small and equally important part of the overall marketing plan is managed, tracked, and analyzed for success. With such a jam-packed, detailed process, marketers everywhere are embracing the new, revolutionary approach: Agile Marketing. Join Pardot Evangelist Mathew Sweezey, as he explores this brand new approach to marketing in depth, and find out how you can apply it to your marketing process and save your sanity.

Text of Pardot Elevate 2012 - Agile Marketing: Save Your Sanity

  • 1. Agile MarketingWhy, What, HowPresented by: Mathew Sweezey, Evangelist, Pardot Thursday, October 24, 2012
  • 2. Agenda Why Agile What is Agile for Marketing How to be Agile Agile Examples in Marketing
  • 3. Old Method Waterfall planning Works for static campaigns Slow Death
  • 4. Old Research Lifecycle I need more Trade informa,on. Ill Call Publica,on Them There were very few sources of Marke,ng Funnel informa,on Mostly Controlled by you
  • 5. Old Research Lifecycle I need more Trade informa,on. Ill Call Publica,on Them There were very few sources of Marke,ng Funnel informa,on Mostly Controlled by you
  • 6. Modern Research Lifecycle Ill ask TwiKer Ill ask Linkedin I read a blog Google Stage 1 Now there are unlimited entry Stage 2 points to your marke,ng. You control very few Stage 3 of theme MQL
  • 7. Agile Works for multi-channel multi-touch campaigns Built for engagement marketingFast andNimble
  • 8. Tenents of Agile for MarketingJust a few of them!
  • 9. Tenents of Agile Marketing1) Be Organized2) Have Short goals3) Execute often4) Review and change
  • 10. Be OrganizedGet it together man
  • 11. Team Roles PR Blog Events Events Analyst SkunkBuzz Inbound Works SEO PPC Email Conversion Shows Events Convert Content Content Webinar Email
  • 12. Daily Standups What did Working you do on gettingyesterday? Skywalker today. No hassles here!
  • 13. Small BitesThink Done!
  • 14. Done is better than Best!
  • 15. How to get to Done Quicker! User Stories I first went to Google and searched for Agile Marketing then I found this Paid Search Ad for a eBookThen I went to thesite and watched awebiar.. Small Bites
  • 16. Execute GoalsSmall Bites Execute Evaluate
  • 17. ExecuteThe Google Rule!
  • 18. Fail Fast, Fail Smart! -
  • 19. Measure upCheck and Change
  • 20. Team Metrics Uniques Likes Klout ScoreBuzz Inbound Reach Leads Quality Downloads Conversion Traffic Velocity MQL Close Ratio
  • 21. ExamplesThe Force is Strong in You!
  • 22. Agile Content Marketing R2D2 Says: 001100110010110101 01 0100 001 10! AD: White paper on Marke,ng Transla,on: Stages DL rst 3 pages Now you get it!
  • 23. How To:1. Create Topic2. Create Cover Page AD: White paper on Marke,ng 3. Write 2 pages Stages DL rst 3 pages 4. Buy Ad5. Advertise Pre Release6. Drive to Form7. See how popular the download is8. Evaluate next steps
  • 24. Agile Drips Create 3 R2D2 Says: 00 00111 drip emails 0101 0100 001 10 first. Run 1111! them then look at Transla,on: results to GENIUS! create the next set of 3.
  • 25. How To:1. Determine Goal Create 32. Use Excel to Document drip emails first. Run3. Get 3 pieces of them then content look at4. Write 3 emails results to5. Add members to create the campaign next set of 3.6. Test and Evaluate next steps
  • 26. Agile Lead Gen Example of Agile Marke,ng Lead Genera,on Campaign R2D2 Says: 0100 001 10! Im Looking for Marke,ng Automa,on Transla,on: Team Work! Inbound: Op,mize for mul,ple entry points Introduce Tweet: From Buzz Drive them them to a Team in response to form group in which will Linkedin add them to a nurturing campaign