The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

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DESCRIPTION This presentation explains about how to become a highly effective people. The content based on a famous personal development books "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"written by Sthephen Covey. In this presentation, you can learn the concept, the habit, and how to implement it. To access this presentation, please visit


  • 1.How to become By Stephen Covey

2. According to Stephen Covey 3. The first three habits: PERSONAL VICTORY 4. Decide and do it wholeheartedly Habit 5. Proactive Person Be means 6. Take responsibility in your life 7. Not blaming people or situation 8. Focus your time and effort in doing things you can influence 9. Begin With Start Everything You Do With A Clear Objective Habit 10. END In Mind Start everything with means 11. Able to create mental image of end result clearly 12. TWO PHASE of Creation: In fact, All achievement and creation has 13. 1. When you create the mental picture 2. When you create it in real world 14. Final result of a creation will follow how it has been created mentally Its like a blue print, 15. Habit 16. This means, We can not solve everything in our life 17. The next three habits: INTERDEPENDENCE WITH OTHERPEOPLE 18. Think to win together Not win/lose Habit 19. WIN-WIN Start with cooperation, and aim for mutual benefit to all parties Think means 20. Understand others before they understand you Then be understood Habit 21. Dont ask people to understand you. Instead, try to see from others perspective first. In the end, they will understand you. Try to 22. Do synergize with other people Habit 23. Combining our strengths with others to create something together. Not to compete or defeat others. Always do means 24. The last habit is about 25. Make sure your saw always in a good shape and functioning well Habit 26. Sharpen The Saw Always maintain and renew your greatest assets Yourself Always means 27. Aspects that needs physical social/emotional continuous renewal: mental spiritual 28. Enable you in doing the highly effective habits all the time Your habit for self renewal will help to 29. Understand others before they understand you 30. HighlyEffective People Thats by Stephen Covey 31. Adapted from: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey PowerPoint design by Herry Mardian and Muhammad Noer Photo Credit: Slide 15: Paper Prototyping by Grant Hutchins. Slide 18: jsc2010e089924 by NASA robonaut Slide 20: y2.d7 | That Edit Girl by Bryan Rosengrant Slide 22: What Is It that Makes A Good Real Estate Agent Great? by Susana Fernandez Slide 19: Take Off With A Good Book by Thomas Cunningham Slide 25: I Saw What You Did There by Erik Soderstrom Under Creative Commons License Slide 1, 4, 9: Herry Mardians Personal Stock Photo Collection 32. Get 12 Inspiring Presentation here