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SQA Search Ltd: Overview: Our market position fills the gap between transactional recruitment agencies on the one hand and over engineered and expensive “Mayfair” type traditional Executive Search on the other. It is also based on various market research reports that demonstrate that for any given talent pool at a mid or senior level, only 20% are active and responding to adverts/sitting on agency databases. The remaining 80%, which is often the more engaged and successful portion, needs to be pro-actively approached. (Source: “The Job Seeking Status of the Fully Employed - LinkedIn Report 2011) Services: * Executive and Mid-Level Permanent Recruitment: The head-hunting (proactive search) of passive and semi-active talent for hard to satisfy strategically important positions. * Day Rate Research (identification or approach and assessment): Allowing clients to build proactive talent pools, map out competitors, support internal recruitment teams and reduce costs per hire. Credentials: Over a 20 year career in recruitment, I worked for several years as a London trained, retained head-hunter. I also went “in-house” for over three years at BSkyB and managed a team delivering 300 plus hires per year, mainly in the areas of Technology, Telecoms and Sales. I decided to return to my head-hunter roots with my own independent business, SQA Search, over three years ago. I hold an MBA gained from Warwick Business School and I am a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (FIRP). Specialities: By Sector: Ecommerce & Online Payments, Digital Technology, Telecoms, Internet, Software & Online Media. By Function: General Management, Sales, Marketing IT & Operations and Strategy. By Level: Director, Senior and Mid-Management, Senior Specialists

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2. Mid & Senior Talent Pool Characteristics The Talent Resourcing Options SQA Search Overview Areas of Specialisation Services Offered Credentials Recommendations & EndorsementsSummary Appendix Click to access guides to recruitment for line managers Click to access third party thought provoking articles on resourcing matters, operational and strategic 3. 20% are active candidates reached via online advertising and agency databasesSource: The Job Seeking Status of the Fully Employed - LinkedIn Report 201180% are passive & semi active, best reached via a proactive and professional headhunt approach 4. Skilled and motivated but often over worked with high volumes, resulting on a focus on job boards with token gesture search activity. With some exceptions, sales cultures and volumes again result in a focus on active candidates. Often high quality and focusing on passive pools. However also often expensive with large retainers and with slow and out of date processes. 5. Key mid and senior level management and senior specialist roles. The identification, approach and assessment of passive talent using a blend of traditional research and modern networking techniques and technologies. Taking the best elements of both the retained search and contingency recruitment models to provide a high quality, transparent and results orientated alternative at reasonable cost. 6. Ecommerce & Online Payments, Technology, Telecoms and Online Media. General Management, Sales, Marketing, IT and Operations. Director, Senior and Mid-Management, Senior Specialists. 7. (60K to 150K salary ranges)(Talent pipeline and competitor mapping, supporting in-house TR, reducing Cost Per Hire) Identification work- minimum project size 3 days (two days followed by review to fine tune third) Approach, Assessment and Recruitment Project Management minimum project size 4 days. 8. An early career in contingency recruitment Several years as a Retained Search Consultant 3.5 years as a Talent Resourcing Manager at BSkyB managing a team of 6 delivering 350 hires per year (70% direct) 9. Sean was a very effective head-hunter - taking me from Amex to PayPal ... good research got him to the right person and from then on he kept the process well paced and clear, ensuring all participants were well informed throughout. He displayed a genuine desire to deliver for both parties not just for himself - as can be the case for some head-hunter's. Mark Brant, Director, Retail American Express. I've known Sean for about five years. During that period, he has consistently shown his high level of commitment to being an exceptional head-hunter. He takes time to listen to client needs, and invests in getting to know his growing universe of candidate contacts. .I'd unreservedly recommend Sean . James Winter, Global Head of Audience Monetization, Nokia Sean managed my whole joining process at PayPal. From initial contact to beyond my start date he was totally thorough, informative, consultative and supremely professional. From a Candidate's perspective the whole experience was First Class..I would recommend you call him if you need talent. A very well respected partner who consistently delivers, both from my own experience and from what I hear from third party clients. Nick Adams, Senior Sales Manager, PayPalSean's background enables him to really understand and manage both clients and candidates expectations, ensuring he offers a thorough and professional service to everyone he deals with. Sean is very pro-active in his approach, without being pushy / forceful and I would highly recommend Sean to any clients seeking to find top mid or senior level talent in the market Graham Gordon, Marketing Manager, Waitrose 10. I have worked with Sean for over two years during his time at BSkyB. He was firstly instrumental in recruiting me from AOL. Subsequently I became one of his key stakeholders and I worked with him both directly and indirectly via my team and his. I have always found Sean to be a very competent and likable professional. He uses his considerable enthusiasm and experience to very good effect, Beyond the process he became my trusted advisor on recruitment related issues, not afraid to challenge in a reasonable way to provide expert opinion which helped inform my own decision making. Stephen (Steve) Prendergast, Director, Operations Engineering, BSkyB. I have known Sean for a number of years . Sean gives recruitment consultants a good name, he acts in the best interest of the candidate and customer, not the recruitment company. He is always open and honest in his dealings, clearly knows the recruitment industry, and has a real eye for detail. Sean is the first person I speak to when looking to fill senior roles. Chris Noblet, Customer Services Director, Digica ..Sean significantly improved the quality of the recruitment service delivered, adopting a proactive approach to a variety of issues, from resource planning to regularly averting and resolving potential conflict situations. Sean was fun to work with, but not afraid to challenge where required, I would commend him highly. Steve Wright, HR Business Manager, BSkyB PLC, London, worked directly with Sean at BSkyB Please see www.linkedin.com/in/seanquinn for 20 + further recommendations 11. Proven headhunting at a mid and senior level for strategically important permanent appointments. Day rate research to enable proactive talent pool building , competitor mapping, a reduction in Cost Per Hire Specialist knowledge of a number of sectors and functions The personal commitment, experience and networks built up over many years balancing traditional research with modern social networking techniques. 12. Click to access downloadable guides to recruitment for line managers covering: Overview of recruitment process and choices How to write a job and person specification How to interview candidates including guide to competency interviewing. 13. Click to access third party thought provoking articles on resourcing issues at a strategic and operational level