Social Media Aggregation 101

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Covers: What is social media aggregation? What tools and techniques are available?, Where is social media aggregation heading?


<ul><li> 1. Social Media Aggregation 101 Keith Gerr AMA Oregon: Professional Development10.09 </li></ul> <p> 2. What well cover: Defining social media aggregation (SMA) Navigating the landscape Tools/Techniques Where is SMA headed? 3. Social Media Aggregation - consolidation of inbound/outbound web-based feeds into a dashboard view for the purpose of creating efficiencies in: Monitoring Dialoguingmuch more than Sharingsimultaneously updating your status Collaborating Measuring To-be-determined purposes 4. Current State SMA market is rapidly growing and evolving with a mix of highly interoperable platforms - Mix of free and paid services allowsfor low-cost trial/error 5. Current State SMA market fractured by feature-set and platform support - Need to consider time/skill-sets totie things together 6. Current State No single robust tool exists yet that provides a holistic feature set - Opportunity for enterprise dat-application providers (SCRM, BI)search engines and major social-netsto bring a full-featured solution tomarket 7. SMA segments well dive into SegmentMacroMicroSpecialized TransformativeStrong business focus Supports largeSupports limitedamount of social number of social Focused on a specific Includes listening streamsstreamsfunction like monitoring Definition or format delivery like platforms, SCRM, BISM management tools Messaging/dialogue Messaging/dialogue video and url shortening and other enterprisefocusedfocused application providers Example 8. Given the fast-evolving SMA space, its important to determine selection criteria: Purpose - business, personal, both? Functionality - dialogue, monitor, syndicate, measurement etc. ? Scale - api, mobile, workflow, etc.? Interface - easy to use, customizable etc.? 9. Macro: FriendFeed Supports many social-feeds Individual/Group subscription and contribution Accessible from email, phone and IM API support 10. Macro: Netvibes Supports many social-feeds Extremely widget friendly Follower and Friend support No analytics yet (they suggest using Google Analytics) 11. Macro: Flock Social -browser (based on Mozilla Firefox architecture) Drag and drop functionality Supports many social feeds Blog editor and photo-upload tool built-in 12. Micro: TweetDeck Supports Twitter, Facebook and MySpace Dialogue-friendly/customizable interface Built-in video recording and watching (via 12seconds and Qik) Analytics can be accessed if use url shortening 13. Micro: LinkedIn Robust personal/group/company networkingWidget integrations w/ Slideshare, Wordpress, Company Buzz etc.Poll syndication widgetPremium subscription provides stats on visitors 14. Specialized: Socialmention Free keyword-based monitoring Can search by blogs, microblogs, comments, events, image, video etc. Real-time buzz widget Data export feature 15. Specialized: TubeMogul Multi-site video uploader Free and premium versions available Cross-platform analysis Multi-user and multi-campaign functionality 16. Specialized: Url shortening service Allows for real-time link tracking Growing API integration includes Twitter, Google Reader and TypePad Browser bookmarklet and sidebar available 17. Specialized: Digg Crowd-sourced content curation and rating Facebook Connect integration Community comment threads Promote interests/follow others 18. Transformative: Radian6 Listening and dialogue platform Provides workflow features Pulls from wide range of social data (blogs, forums, social-nets etc.) Growing API integration with enterprise systems like CRM and analtyic platforms 19. Transformative: Buddy Media Platform SM production/management system Facebook and Twitter client integrated Listening capabilities Real-time SM campaign analytics 20. Where is SMA headed? Increasing market demand for a one- stop, hosted SMA solution will drive rapid innovation and consolidation - Likely to see horizontal and verticalproduct segmentation: personalproductivity, SMB, enterprise,industry, trade 21. Where is SMA headed? Custom builds by agencies, social business consultancies other web integrators - Similar to custom CMS/emailsolutions, productization of socialmedia management tools/dashboardswill be looked at as a revenue growtharea 22. Where is SMA headed? Consolidation among macro, micro and specialized players - Acquisition/mergers will increase asaggregators are forced to integrategrowing social media properties/platforms/features to retain/expandaudience 23. Where is SMA headed? Transformative players will continue to load-on BI and contact-center capabilities - As SM listening/monitoring servicesbecome commoditized, transformativeplayers will need advanced customerintelligence and engagement featuresto grow with paid client-base 24. Where is SMA headed? Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) - Existing and new CRM entrants areintroducing cloud-based platforms thatprovide flexible integration with social mediaand other enterprise systems (SFA, CMSetc.) that leverages/enables peer:peer/peer:pro dialogue 25. Where is SMA headed? Google/Facebook - Both have the audience scale andtechnical resources to become adefacto aggregation hub (i.e.GoogleWave/Analytics/Social Search andFacebook Connect) - Over time will develop and/oracquire in-demand social mediafeatures 26. Continuing down the SMA path Prioritize current/future needs Evaluate tools from a business and technical administration perspective Dont overlook aggregation/syndication features within existing social-nets Product reviews, social bookmarks, survey responses - theyre all part of the mix 27. Thank You 503.957.0264 </p>