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An introduction to sales professionalism

Text of Sales professionalism

  • 1. By: Mohamed
  • 2. Contents Companies Challenges in the 21st Century. Attitudes about selling (selling myths). Old image Vs. New image of sales people. What makes professional sales person? Sales person attitude, Knowledge and skills. Contents -------------- ------------- -------------- ---------------Sales professionalism
  • 3. Companies Challenges in the 21st Century Increase number of companies (National, Multinational ) Increase number of sales persons (Indoor, Outdoor) Customers become more sophisticated Diversified marketing communication tools (Internet, Social network, SMSetc.) Finally market becomes very tough.Sales professionalism
  • 4. Attitudes about selling Selling myths Sales people are born and not made. Sales people must be good talkers. Selling is a matter of knowing the right techniques or tricks. A good salesperson can sell ice to an Eskimo. People generally do not want to buy.Sales professionalism
  • 5. Old image Vs. New image of sales people Personal selling is the oldest profession in the world. All profit and non profit organizations use personal selling. Old Image New Image Bad Good Pushy , Knocking doors , Persuasive, Highly low educated , Good talker educated , Good listener ,Sales professionalism
  • 6. If the customer is king, The second most important person in the kingdom must be the person who has a direct interaction on a daily basis with the king.Sales professionalism
  • 7. What makes professional sales person?Sales professionalism
  • 8. Think Have you met professional sales person before? Yes No From your point of view, what makes him so professional? Give three characters?Sales professionalism
  • 9. Skills Attitude KnowledgeSales professionalism
  • 10. Attitude Attitude Attitude is the most important character for professional sales person. Attitude is the way you look at things mentally. Positive attitude is reflected on others around you.Sales professionalism
  • 11. Attitude 1- Attitude Positive Vs. Negative AttitudeSales professionalism
  • 12. Characters of successful sales person No one pattern or mould The most important characters are:: Enthusiasm Sincerity Determination Pleasant voice Smart appearance Sense of humor Intelligence Energetic Good listenerSales professionalism
  • 13. Does professional sales person Born or Made?Sales professionalism
  • 14. Knowledge Competitors Product knowledge knowledge Territory Customer knowledge knowledge Industry knowledge Knowledge is powerSales professionalism
  • 15. Knowledge Product knowledge It gives sales person self-confidence. It help him to answer any inquiry from customers. Competitors knowledge Considerable promotional advantage. Strengths and weakness of competitors product. Customer knowledge Where the business comes from. Who are the potential customers (80/20 principal).Sales professionalism
  • 16. Knowledge Territory knowledge Information concerning three elements in the territory: Geography, Economics & Commerce Industry knowledge Information about general aspects and basics of industrySales professionalism
  • 17. Skills Selling skills Negotiation skills Communication skillsSales professionalism
  • 18. Selling Skills Skills include: Customers prospecting. Probing customers to learn about their needs. Making a products sales presentation. Handling customers response. Closing the sales.Sales professionalism
  • 19. Communication Skills Skills include: Share of intended meaning with customers Listening behavior Speaking behaviorSales professionalism
  • 20. Negotiation Skills Skills include: Bargaining with customer. Reaching agreement.Sales professionalism
  • 21. Conclusion Professional sales person is the most effective way in customers communication. Sales person performance directly affects on organizations performance. Sales person professionalism can be acquired through knowledge and skills. Sales person professionalism is born through attitude.Sales professionalism
  • 22. ThanksSales professionalism