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Cross-platform 2D cooperative game for 4 players in real time.Team game, player interaction with the players. Team game, player interaction with the players.Survival.Impact location on gameplay.Upgrades. Short game sessions.

Basic ideasPlanet Colonies

Cross-platform game Play from any device with any device


Continuous flow of the gameThe player does not drop out of the game flow.

Three states of the player:NormalPlayer fell The player died and turned into "Angel" "Angel" - player continues play after death in the new form.Unique interaction between playersTeam play - the key to victory.

Fix armour of other playerShare cartridgesSave other players

Save playerstook them to the hospital on your back

Important elements of the gameSurvival - a strategy.Repair of doors. Door stop enemy. Generator. All strategic objects dependent from electricity. Boat "Bishop." Assistant Engineer.Important elements of the gameSurvival - a strategy.

Supplies - ammunition and grenades

Supplies health and defibrillatorsFind special transport objects with Supplies

Important elements of the gameExtensive gameplay possibilities.Variety attacking technique - transport, static.Variety of anomalies - active, passive.Variety of enemies - high impact on gameplay.


Sell game or f2p.Features economy of the game:Upgrades for game currency.Buying of new content - maps, weapons, skins player ...Methods for getting currency - the instant reward for action, collecting fallen currency purchase for real currency.

MonetizationGames, which we were inspired.

Team consists of 2 peopleWorking more than 3 yearsCreated 7 flash gamesLocation: Ukraine, TsjurupinskTeam Two Crazy Squirrel Games

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