Noteworthy brand messaging from cannes lions 2014

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  • 1.oteworthy Brand Ideals Messages

2. Brand Promise: Inspiring people to do things they love every day. 3. Brand Promise: Hear what you want. 4. Philosophy: How we do the impossible 1. We start from first principles (e.g., simplify the complex). 2. We aspire to help and change the world. 3. We apply 10X thinking. 4. We dont worry about the business model. 5. Brand Promise: Simplifying lifes big decisions. 6. Brand Promise: To make the worlds daily habits entertaining and inspiring. The 4 Daily Habits of Internet Users: Search Communications Consuming content Watching Videos 7. Mission: To be the worlds leading health, wellness and nutrition company. 8. Brand Promise: To make the final stage of your life the best stage of your life. 9. Brand Ideal: To champion healthy cleaning in the home while altering dirty business practices. 10. Brand Purpose: We help people be their best in the moments that matter. 11. Brand Purpose: To make players great 12. Brand Purpose: Quality content that satisfies curiosity. Core belief: Content can educate and inspire.