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2. When you runyour ownbusiness, youcant beexpected tohave all theanswers, all thetime.Which is why Next Move was established in December 1996 toprovide a range of professional service solutions to support small tomedium sized enterprises.Our goal is to give SMEs the advice they need to make the nextmove with confidence. In other words, expert guidance to makehighly informed decisions for the day-to-day and long-term successof your business.The team at Next Move can ensure you have all the information tomove forward with confidence. From the challenging task ofmanaging a poor performing employee, to acquiring acompetitor, to managing significant change, to increasing sales andprofit. 3. PositioningServicesNext Move is a professionalIn order to offer both innovativeservices company, providingsolutions as well as value forsolution-focused delivery teamsmoney in the business consultingwith a diverse range of skills industry, Next Move hasaimed at the small to medium developed a very specificsized business.resourcing model: a team of local professionals who can appreciate the very unique challenges theWe attract and develop SME faces daily.successful previous businessowners, managers and corporate Using this network resourcingexecutives who can readily model, we can help you toidentify with the challenges you navigate your most criticalface every day.decisions. We work with your as partners to identify andWhilst Next Move has a deepimplement the solutions that bestunderstanding of business &suit your business.processes we also ensure oursolutions are tailored to the veryAll of this is possible with ourspecific needs of your business.extensive knowledge in thefollowing areas: Culture, Change andLeadership Business processes &procedures Human ResourceManagement Information andCommunicationTechnology Business Sales & Strategy Learning & Development Coaching & Mentoring Franchising The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. 4. CapabilitiesNext Move is aprofessional serviceorganisation, with adedicated team of peoplecommitted to the successof your business.1. Client Service:We are not in the business of selling ideas or concepts we are in thebusiness of delivering results to our clients based on our experienceand the willingness to listen.2. Delivery and Quality Management:We are totally focused on ensuring high quality management anddelivering outstanding results. We reward our people for providingexceptional value for our customers and delivering results that meetthe needs of our client.3. National Resource Management:In an environment of higher cost pressures, we offer a variable costsolution ensuring overhead savings are passed directly onto you, ourclient.4. Strategic Management:We practice what we preach. In other words, we help you to run yourbusiness in the same way we run our own business. By doing this, weget the desired results and exceed our clients expectations. All alongthe way, we keep you informed and talk in plain, easy to understandterms.5. Commercial Risk and Financial Management:Integrity is a value we believe is paramount to the ongoing success ofour business, our people and the ongoing relationship we enjoy withour clients. This is why our fees are payable under agreed milestoneachievements prior to commencing any project. 5. Our ValuesAt Next Move, we have agreed ina guiding set of principles andvalues that should reflect ourconduct and be manifest in all wesay and do.We actively share these valuesso that all people andIntegrityorganisations we have dealingsWe always act withwith know what to expect from usintegrity, openness and- and what we expect from them. honesty.Courage FlexibilityWe are prepared to make difficult We accept change where it isdecisions.needed, are willing toadapt, and continuouslyInclusiveness improve our actions through aWe build relationships based on learning and sharing.Mutual obligationCommitmentWe share responsibility andWe act with passion and accountability, and actdecisiveness, taking theresponsibly, with fairness andlongterm view. justice.Respect and honesty FunWe respect differentWhile we acknowledge theviews, respect each other and importance of what we do, weacknowledge the reality of each accept that to laugh and enjoyothers is paramount to the successwe enjoy in our work. 6. Want to know more?To learn more about Next Move, our people, the services weoffer and the types of client projects we have worked on, visitour website: LocationsMelbourne: Sydney: Canberra: Adelaide: PerthContact us