MFR Social Media Workshop - 27th March 2012

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Presentation for staff and trainees at MFR's Radio Skills and Monster FM


<ul><li> 1. Social Media Workshop Facebook &amp; Twitter Moray Firth Radio, Inverness 27th March 2012 </li> <li> 2. Socialnomics Video </li> <li> 3. Why use social media for business? Raise brand awareness Increase traffic to website Its cheap and its fast SEO (search engine optimisation) Your customers are using it! To find new customers Widen your target market and potential reach Build strong relationships with customers Build strong relationships with local businesses Market research And much more </li> <li> 4. What channels to use and what for </li> <li> 5. Facebook - Good starting point, like a mini version of your website, allows interaction on a more personal level with customers. Twitter - Quick messages/quick response, great for market research, good for building up business contacts and relationships, creating a buzz. LinkedIn - Business to business platform, great for making new business contacts, useful forums, create action groups, professional networking. Google+ - One of the newest platforms, not got that many regular users yet but has huge potential, more business friendly than Facebook. Flickr - Great photo sharing abilities, create good contacts, ability to set up groups for customers to share photos, run competitions via it. </li> <li> 6. YouTube - Largest video sharing platform, contains its own search engine, ability to create own channel, contains a lot of adverts. Vimeo - Very clean and modern video sharing platform, great for embedding videos into website, monthly users are rising. Foursquare - Allows people to check in at businesses worldwide, claim your place, check ins are shared with users friends/followers, great app. TripAdvisor - Largest travel reviews platform, needs to be monitored closely, claim your venue, can raise awareness of your business. Pinterest Latest social media buzz, collection of collections, helps increase web traffic, great for visual businesses, currently invitation only. </li> <li> 7. Social Media Mishaps What to avoid! Using social media channel purely for sales Lack of interaction and updating Getting too personal Having no overall plan in place Reacting badly to negative feedback Talking badly about other businesses Inconsistent content, bad spelling, etc Not letting customers know you are using it Doing updates not related your business/market Focusing too much on just one platform Too many updates Expecting immediate results Using social media instead of other marketing techniques </li> <li> 8. Create a social media plan Do research and then outline what channels will be used and for what purpose! How does social media fit in with your business goals? How does social media fit in with your marketing plan? Set out goals and objectives! Decide who will update/maintain the social media channels and what rules of engagement should be in place! How will you measure success and ROI? Timing of your content, what, when and how? Set out how you will analyze, adapt, and improve This should be ongoing! </li> <li> 9. What, when, and how should I communicate on social media? Dont just talk about your business - use it to promote other local businesses and the area also Social media is all about interaction and conversation Share your experience and expertise Dont just say something for the sake of saying it make sure it makes sense Keep posts/updates short and concise Be quirky, be different, be innovative Timing is everything </li> <li> 10. Businesses on social media to check out Highland Key Jacobite Experience Loch Ness Lazy Daisy Glass CairnGorm Mountain Ltd Highland Social Wee Epics </li> <li> 11. Time to discoverthe full potential of social media </li> <li> 12. How to let customers know you are using social media Icons/links on website Icons/links within your blog Links from other social media accounts Icons on printed marketing materials Links within email newsletters Links on email signatures Tent cards within your business premises Window stickers within your business premises Mention it to customers in conversation Get creative </li> <li> 13. FUN STUFFGetting creative </li> <li> 14. FACEBOOK AND TWITTER Keeping it consistent </li> <li> 15. Insights &amp; Alerts </li> <li> 16. Find us on </li> </ul>