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Landscape Sprayers: Reduce Downtime, Boost Productivity Our Equipment. Your Success. www.QSpray.com Andrew Greess OPM Saguaro Conference Cave Creek, AZ September 2010

Landscape & Weed Sprayers = Boost Productivity

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Landscapers & Weed Control Professionals. This presentation provides our Top 10 List of ways to boost your technician & spray equipment productivity by reducing downtime.

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  • 1. Landscape Sprayers: Reduce Downtime, Boost Productivity Andrew GreessOur Equipment. Your Success. OPM Saguaro Conference Cave Creek, AZwww.QSpray.com September 2010

2. Goal: Review Top 10 List to: - Reduce equipment problems- Reduce repair expenses- Reduce downtime- Reduce missed appointmentsOur Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 3. Ground Rules:- Share experiences- Ask QuestionsOur Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 4. #1 Start with the Right ComponentsOur Equipment. Your Success. www.QSpray.com 5. #2 Use Good Design FOR: - Access - Maintenance - RepairsOur Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 6. #3 Filtration is Critical! - Design - Operation - Maintenance.The cause of most sprayer problems!Our Equipment. Your Success. www.QSpray.com 7. #3a Filtration: Design For application, water, products, equipment, technicians.Our Equipment. Your Success. www.QSpray.com 8. #3b Filtration: Operation - are technicians checking the filter? Our Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 9. #3cFiltration: Operation - supervisors inspecting the filter?Our Equipment. Your Success. www.QSpray.com 10. #4 Clean it Out!Debris = Wasted Time & $$$ Our Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 11. #5 Watch the Pressure!a) Don t Over-Pressurize-beware the pressure fairy- don t run it too fast- risks: spills, drift, equipment problems- backpacks are especially sensitive b) Release the Pressure- to extend equipment life - reduce freeze risk Our Equipment. Your Success. www.QSpray.com 12. #6 Preventative Maintenance Spend $1 now, to save $5 later. Pick the time for your downtime. Our Equipment. Your Success. www.QSpray.com 13. #7Preflight Checklista) Airplane metaphorb) A few minutes at the start of the routewill save $$$ & timec) Find & Fix Small Problems d) Fix Problems where they have thesmallest impactOur Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 14. #8 Emergency Repair Kits Give technicians tools to effect small repairs Avoiding small problems can significantly reduce downtimeOur Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 15. #9 Employee Training & Re-Training - Training - Re-training - Observe: look & listen - Report problems - Don t live with problemsOur Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 16. #10 Tracking is Critical - by Employee- by Truck- by Component Continuously improve your stuff! Our Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com 17. Goal: Review Top 10 ListResponsibility: Company Technician 1. Use top quality componentsX 2. Design the sprayer correctlyX 3. Use good filtration X X 4. Clean it outX 5. Watch the Pressure:Don t run the pressure too high XRelease the pressureX 6. Preventative MaintenanceX 7. Preflight Checklist X 8. Emergency Repair Kits X 9. Employee Re-TrainingX 10. Tracking XOur Equipment. Your Success. www.QSpray.com 18. More Info on Spray Equipment: PMP Magazine Column www.SprayEquipmentBlog.com follow on Twitter: @AndrewGreess email us: info @ qspray.com stop by our booth Call us when you need sprayers/parts/adviceOur Equipment. Your Success.www.QSpray.com