How to use social media for marketing your music business (Midemnet 2010)

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My presentation at MidemNet 2010


1. & the Music Industry 2. What I do: 3. Our Networked World is still very nascent 4. Why is this Social Media Stuff important? 5. Social Media will soon beat eMail, Video may well beat Search 6. The term Social Media is really kind of an artifact, a mere construct. Better: Networked Media. Real-Time Media. User-driven Media. Engaged Media. 7. Merit is where it all starts. 8. Money Conversion Attention Merit, Quality & Uniqueness 9. The other, common problem Marketing Sushi as cold, dead Fish 10. Broadcast Media: shrinking, and costly 11. Networked Media: exploding 12. Tribal Relationships 150 tribe members + 1000 real fans + + + + 13. Online and Offline are converging 14. Attention source: Tara Hunt 15. Trust is the most important currency online, so to build it we adhere to three principles of open information: value, transparency, and control Google Senior VP, Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg's essay, The Meaning of Open, published on the Offical Google Blog 16. Value Transparency Control to the User 17. Was... Is... 18. Me myself I 19. Some of my weapons of choice Typepad for Blogging (Firefox!!!) Hootsuite for Firefox (Twitter), Tweetdeck Mobiles: iPhone, Google Nexus, Blackberry, Nokia E71 Mobile apps: Tweetie, Hootsuite, InstaPaper, FB More apps: LinkedIn, Google Reader, Skype Kindle, Sony, iPhone electronic readers HD Video Camera(s): Kodak, Flip, Phones... The new Apple Tablet! 20. How...? 21. Multi-tasking...? Its about managing the Flow 22. Social Media is Customer Relationship Management 23. It all starts with this: 24. 3 challenges 1.Openness is hard - and often not our default setting 2.Conversations take time - and can become real work 3.Offering something for free so that you can ask to get paid later takes real courage - and believe! 25. Action Time! 26. Traps to avoid 27. Get rid of Push Marketing Top-down Domination Plays Expensive watering-cans Uni-directional marketing Interrupting consumers Shout: buy buy buy 100% control everything 28. Social-Mobile-Web-Native Marketing: Followers, Friends, Fans, Users Attract and addict Low-cost, very targeted Conversational Engagement is the goal Message: share. follow. talk. 100% Trust 29. Twitter Examples 30. The Realtime Web Opportunity Here Now Personal Relevant Recommended 31. Learn from Magnetic Brands 32. Summary 1. Attract the right people by publishing relevant content 2. Get and hold their Attention, build Trust 3. Think Followers not Users 4. Offer added values to convert followers into $$ 33. Steve Jobs: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. 34. Now is a good time! email me at Facebook: gleonhard more presentations at Thanks for listening!


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