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  • 1. H U N T E RC A T T L E BRANDING H A N D B O O K 1

2. 3 3. A BRAND IS A PERSONS GUT FEELING ABOUT A PRODUCT, SERVICE, OR COMPANY. Marty Neumeier4 4. INTRODUCTION TO BRANDINGEveryone has a brand. From individuals to multi-national corporations, from charities to gangs, from restaurants to farms, everyone has a reputation that inspires some feelings in others. The management of this perception and the creation of ideal perceptions, ones that align with our internal desires and goals, is a critical component of company growth and sustainable success. Brand is not just about customer service and quality products, though both are important elements. Brand is the sum of all interactions with everyone. That includes customers, clients, partners, and staff. Every contact with a potential customer creates an impression, which in turn reflects on the brand image. These impressions form the reputation of a company. On the following pages, the branding process used to evaluate and define Hunter Cattle as a brand is broken down into simple building blocks. These components can be understood separately, but come together to form a complete picture of the company.5 5. BRAND STRUCTUREBrand is about relationships. It is about the way that people interact with each other, spaces, and services; the push and pull between expectations, needs, and capabilities. The essence of a brand is formed through the connection between peoples motivations and the business response. As a family farm, Hunter Cattle is built on a relational model; connecting with likeminded companies and community members through participation in farmers markets and other outreach efforts. As we unpack what it means to shepherd and develop a brand, it is important to recognize that the relationships are what really matter. Expression of those relationships, in the way that they are exposed to the outside world, is of equal importance to the relationships themselves. There are three simple elements that formulate the essence of brand creation, and these core elements DNA, Personality, and Brandscape will guide the rest of this document.6 6. BRAND STRUCTUREDriving ForcesAttributesCompany HeritageCompetitors AnalysisMission and VisionBrand PersonalityBrand DNABrand Personality AssesmentPersonality Archetypes Personality Analysis7BrandscapeBrand VoiceUSP 7. Brand DNA The first step of the branding process is aimed to define and express the core values of the company. Defining the Brand DNA provides the foundation while creating a nucleus from which all else builds upon.Driving ForcesAttributesCompany HeritageMission and VisionBrand DNA8 8. BRAND DNABrand Origins & Heritage Alarmed by trends in commercial food production, thedrive grass-fed beef, free range chicken, pastured pork,Ferguson family transformed their lives by creating a farmand other products into the local community.dedicated to sustainable and humane agricultural prac-Hunter Cattle farm produces a range of products thattices. This focus quickly attracted the attention of friends,meet both environmental, health and social demands. Theneighbors and the community who shared the FergusonsFerguson family welcomes the community to experienceconcerns about the impact of grain-fed meat on animals,their family farm lifestyle and join in their mission to pro-the environment and people. The farm continues to growmote healthy living and food through ease-of-access andby partnering with local restaurants and businesses toexample.Del Ferguson9Debra FergusonKristan FretwellAnthony Ferguson 9. BRAND DNADriving Forces Hunter Cattle was founded on the relational values ofand presented is vital to a successful enterprise. Using aa caring family. Through trial and error and burgeoningframework developed by Marty Neumeier, these forcesexperience, the farm has been able to create and nur-have been broken into three essential components: focus,ture a superior product that is both humane and environ-difference, and trend.mentally sensitive. While many elements of the farms existence and subsistence exist for practical need-basedIsolating and segmenting these external agents allowsreasons, it is important to note that they are also a partfor an evaluation of what they are about (focus), whatof a set of growing social trends, and that the recognitionmakes them important and unique when compared toand exploitation of these trends can help to drive sus-other forces (difference) and how they directly impacttainable business practices.Hunter Cattles decision making process, both internally and externally.An awareness of external forces and the impact that these forces have on the way that business is conductedLocal10Animal WelfareSustainable AgricultureFamily-run Business 10. BRAND DNAf: focusd: differencet: trendLocalSustainable AgricultureRegional system for food production and distribution withinf Integrated production system which practices are respon-a reach that considers resources, distances, markets, andsible with natural and human resources. Three goals areconsumers.fintegrated in the practices: environmental health, economic profitability, and social equity.dIts goals are towards community sustainability. d Sustainable livestock farming based on a pastured systemConsumers value a better understanding of the source ofallows animals to eat what they are naturally supposed to,their food products, and a connection with the producerswhich improves animal welfare, and benefits the environ-of those goods.tment by letting the animal feed itself and spread its manure.Animal Welfaret The food movement, as a series of organized small mobi-Measures on-farm operations that consider physical andlizations is centered in pleasure and health, and movespsychological well-being of animals in their raising meth-ftowards achieving environmental goals.ods from birth to slaughter.Family-run Business dAnimals are raised outdoors on pasture, their diet corresponds to healthy growth goals and their lives are not lim-f Family-run organizations and businesses create value thatdirectly contributes to the well-being of the family.ited to time spent at the farm. d In this type of company, the customer can establish a close tPublic opposition to commercial methods like battery cagerelationship based on trust. Interactions are very personal,raised chickens is on the rise. Organizations and publicwhich adds value to the customer experience.opinion agree on eliminating cruel practices exercised in the name of more efficient production.t Businesses want to build closer relationships with con-sumers. While these relationships are based on trust, the value is created through each intimate experience. 11 11. BRAND DNABrand Attributes Hunter Cattle thrives on building community through their family values by emphasizing health, environment, and education. These values can be expressed into brand attributes that will serve as brand pillars. These attributes are divided into rational and emotional. RelationalFairTo do business with Hunter Cattle is to be friends withHunter Cattle Farm gives the best care to the animalsthem. From interactions with new visitors to the farmthey raise and this is expressed in the quality of theto business relationships with local restaurants or dis-products they offer to the community.tributors, personal relationships and interactions are incredibly important to the culture of Hunter Cattle.Caring It is that simple. Hunter Cattle started by caring about care to the community and the animals. From the wayaround the world, in a society that lives on imported pro-the animals are treated to the promise that nothing arti-duce and meats, Hunter Cattle recalls the way that thingsficial is involved in the creation of their products, Hunterused to belocal, native, fresh, and natural. This back-to-Cattles sense of caring for the well-being of their cus-basics mentality is reflected in the authenticity and trans-tomers and animals is deep-seated.parency with which day-to-day affairs are conducted, both on and off the farm.Enabling The best motives and practices in the world are lost ifAttentivethere isnt an opportunity for others to become part ofDriven by their relational nature, Hunter Cattle is con-the story. Enabling local community members and busi-stantly reacting to the needs of their clients and cus-nesses to have access to both authentically cared fortomers, doing everything in their power to ensure thatlivestock and the education that surrounds these inten-orders are fulfilled, and that guests leave the farm edu-tional consumer practices is a critical part of the Huntercated about the Hunter Cattle difference.Cattle mandate.Relational12AuthenticAttentiveFairCaringEnablingEmotionalthe food the family was consuming, and extended thatIn a world marked by fast and processed foods shippedRationalAuthentic 12. BRAND DNARationalRelationalAuthenticAttentive13 13. BRAND DNAEmotionalFairCaringEnabling14 14. Brand Attributes Mission Hunter Cattle exists to be an advocate for healthy living through authentic animal husbandry and environmentally sensitive agricultural practices. By serving as a beacon for the promotion of healthy living, Hunter Cattle can build a strong network of like-minded businesses and community members, diffusing the farms beliefs and practices into common usage and valuation. Vision Hunter Cattles vision is to drive transparent and open business practices in order to translate their honest and authentic beliefs about food and responsibility into sustainable community value.15 15. Brand Personality Brand PersonalityBrand Personality AssesmentPersonality Archetypes Personality Analysis16Brand Voice 16. BRAND PERSONALITYBrand personality builds upon the brand DNA by attributing a series of human characteristics to a brand. Personifying the brand allows for an easier understanding of the nature of the brand through metaphors. A brand is useless if it doesnt empathize with its users. By personifying the idea of a brand, we enable empathy for the customer through customer-facing communications and allow the customer to easily engage with the company. Formulating a brand personality also creates a decision-making platform by establishing a set of metrics that strategic decisions can be evaluated against.17 17. BRAND PERSONALITYPersonality Archetypes An archetype is a generic personality built on classicTo define the appropriate archetypes for Hunter Cattlebehaviors and motivations. Borrowed from literature,we conducted an exercise of mapping Hunter Cattle attri-archetypes allow brand owners to quickly get a feel forbutes into a matrix that has fifteen classic archetypesthe way their brand relates to the world, what its moti-proven to translate into branding in compelling ways.vations are, and how it behaves in times of conflict; all traditional elements of engaging storytelling.No brand is ever fully one archetype, but instead is an amalgamation of multiple archetypes, each to varyingBy using archetypes that are culturally familiar (the Hero,degrees (which can be given percentages and weights).the Peacemaker, etc.), we pave the way for communicat-The same is true of Hunter Cattle. The primary archetypeing the brand essence to a broader audience and aligningfor Hunter Cattle is the Nurturer, followed by Guardianall the brand assets in a single direction.and Companion. SAGEBrand AttributesCREATOR Creation Creative Original Artistic Expressive New Beginning Imagination InspirationRelationalWisdom Knowledge Destiny Asceticism Scholar Enlightenment Intellectual Deep Profound SpiritualGUARDIAN Protection Control Mentoring Organized Systematic ConservativeAuthenticCaring Enabling1815% 70%15% Supply Nurture Belonging Nourishment Motherly Compassionate GenerousNURTURERChanging Empowerment MiracleJESTER Delight Evolving TactfulClever Gift MagicalWARRIOR Power Courage Fight Victory Triumph Conquest Strength Strong Tough ManlyRULER Control Authority Order Rule Role Model Responsibility IndisputableAttentive FairMAGICIAN Calm Brilliant Isolated ScienticWitty Humorous EnergeticEXPLORER Brave Forceful AggressiveSelf Condent Enthusiastic LearningHERO Believe Vision Immortality Legend Majesty Superiority Noble VictorIntelligent Extraordinary Honorable Transcendence Righteous Capable Distinctive ObsessiveSoft Cherishable Affection TenderFair Decisive Majestic LeadingINNOCENT Virginity Purity Clean SimpleGentleness Sincere Incomplex UnselshFrankness Optimistic Lively InnocenceDiscovery Self- Discovery Trial Freedom Quest Challenge Free Independent AdventurousLOVER Love Romantic Glamour Beauty Aesthetic Intimacy GracefulCreative Action Fun Teasing Surprise Original Imaginative Irreverent Youthful Eccentric15 Archetypes Brand MythSEDUCER Pleasure Sensuality Passion Charm Sexy Desirable Tempting IndulgenceFriendship Help Association Trust Empathy Sociability SupportComforting Caring RelaxedCOMPANIONREGULAR GUY Belong Blend Fit in Realistic Empathetic Easy Going Friendly Willing to be abused in order to be one of a gang 18. BRAND PERSONALITYOnce the constituents archetypes have been identified and blended,Brand Personality Analysistheir implications, in terms of actions and behaviors can be used to help outline the brand scope and guidelines.Nurturer 70%Foundation and reference to align15%Guardianbrand activities and behaviors to15%Companionbuild brand valueNurturer BehaviorsCompanionGuardian actseducatesadvocatescomplementsprovidesvindicatesguidesfosterssheperdsis a friendis kindis strongis an ally19caresco-worksAttitudeshelpsis warmis always thereis availableis generousis organized 19. Brand Personality Story TaleHunter Cattle is like a modern young mom who cares for and protects her children. This care and protection is not stifling or constricting, but freeing, connective and honest. Her relationships are deep-rooted, genuine, and friendly. She believes that good nutrition is the base for happy children. She wants her children to be able to make informed and conscious decisions, and to recognize that they dont live in isolation, but in community. Her goal is independence: freedom from the restriction of the way things are, and a drive to constantly search for the way they should be. Her dream is to raise healthy and happy children, and to enjoy her relationships with them as they grow and discover together.20 20. 21 21. BRAND PERSONALITYBrand Personality as an Evaluation Tool All of these personality-creation exercises are valuableway that Hunter Cattle carries out their day-to-day workfrom an understanding perspective, but they are worth-and assists strategic decision-making. The below exam-less if inactionable. It is important to take the concept ofples show a series of questions that act as a guide for howthe archetype and translate it into tools that impact theto use the archetypes for evaluating opportunities.Business Development | A new partnerProduct Offering | A new productCompany Image | A new blog postNurturerNurturerNurturerIs this business decisionIs HC providing education on theThrough this information isfostering strong relationshipsappropriate use of the product?HC showing its involvement inwith the customers?How is this product fostering theeducation efforts?understanding about the value of CompanionHCs mission?CompanionDo the values of this newCompanionCan the customer use thepartner complement HC missioninformation to guide theirand vision?Does the product complement otherIs the role of HC clear in thisHC offerings?new relationship?How can the new product help spread the value of previous or newGuardianofferings?decisions about HC products? Guardian Is this information supporting and validating the value of HCCan HC advocate its valuesGuardianthrough/with this partner? Does the product support the values of HC through its proposition? 22offering? 22. BRAND PERSONALITYBrand Voice Language carries both incredible potential and responsi-The tone of voice is a direct reflection of the attributes ofbility. It can distance, or draw in. It can promote, or detract.the brand relational, authentic, attentive, fair, caring, andIt can create friends and relationships. It can communi-enabling.cate, or confuse. Because of this potential, and the implication couched around language, it is vital that HunterEvery communication is an opportunity to drive under-Cattle carries a consistent tone of voice throughout theirstanding of the brand; whether its an email, a poster, acommunications.blog post, or tour and event. Because of the significance of these opportunities, its important to remember the coreThe communication with customers (both clients andelements of the brand tone, and be mindful of these ele-direct) is the primary way Hunter Cattle is known in thements in any format.community. If one tone of voice is used in one channel, and a different one in another, they cancel each other out leaving the customer confused about the message.23Honest and matter-of-factFirst person onlyAs a part of the family; an equalSimple vocabularyHunter Cattles voice is defined by the following characteristics:A friend offering adviceNever assuming people know the terminology 23. BRAND PERSONALITYBrand Personality Assesment Until now, weve been able to understand Hunter Cattlesthat shows a comprehensive range of personality traitsideal brand, how it behaves, what its character is, andand comparing it against the desired brand personality.how we can describe and foster it. Now we need to examine how this ideal brand matches up to the existing brandHunter Cattles positioning was informed by the research,through an audit. This auditing process was accomplishedobservation and analysis the team had conducted onby mapping the current brand personality into a matrixHunter Cattles business.Personality Traits 3 ROMANTICpretty cuteNATURALgenerouschildlikepleasantcheerful happyrestfuldomesticbrightgenial and elegantmerrydelicious3tropical2abundant richlively hotbrilliant fascinatingsubstantial aromaticprovocative vigorousglossyinteresting mysteriousalluring provincialgorgeousdecorativecomplextraditionalwild ethnicclassicconservativeCLASSICETHNIC (WILD)old-fashioned2elaborate heavy and deepDANDY3sublimepreciousMODERNearnest properIndustry NewbieField KnowledgeformalImprovised ReactionsStructured & Organized ActionsmetallicsolemndigniedFORMAL authoritativeseriousSource: Shigenobu Kobayashi Color image scale (1992) Publisher: Kodasha, USA24Enduring Visualssharpmasculinemajesticstrong and robust sturdyexact rationaldapperpractical soundrobust untamedplacidmoderncultivated preciseeminentaristocraticWeak Visual Presentationdistinguisheddiligent subtle and mysteriousbitter3 progressiveintellectualsoberquiet and sophisticatedConsolidated Brand Speechagileurban composedstylishtastefulmellowluxuriousactive strikingintenserusticextravagantDisperate Brand Speechspeedy2quietCHICelegantwestern sportychic noble and elegant Japanesesimple, quiet1matureforceful bold dynamic and active1 modestsmartpolishedsubtle0GORGEOUSDYNAMICery1simpleyoungNEAT CASUALrenedELEGANTExplicit Informationclean and freshnoblefashionablerefreshingsteadysedatecalmnostalgiccolorful vividImplicit Informationcrystalline youthfulsleek pure and elegantgracefulamusingInformed CasualCLEARfreshsimple and appealingelegantToo Casualcleanpure and simpletranquildelicate1mildTomorrowpurenaturaldryopenTodayclear fresh and youngplainfeminine culturedtenderemotionalneatlight dreamywholesome peacefulsmoothfriendlydazzlingamboyant2free sweet-sourhealthylightheartedfestive enjoyableshowyromanticamiable innocent agreeable to the touch supple sweet and dreamy sunny gentle intimate citrusPRETTYCASUALsoftcharmingsweet 24. 25 25. Brandscape The final dimension of the branding process, Brandscape, is used to gain an understanding of market and competitor characteristics. This dimension creates awareness within market niches, leading to more intentional business decisions.Competitors AnalysisBrandscape26 26. BRANDSCAPECompetitors Analysis Every organization has competitors. They can be tangential,customers and market value. One tool uses four importantnegligible, strong, weak, indifferent, or even friendly, butorganizing elements for comparision while the second toolthey exist, and acknowledging the existence of competitionuses the five Ps.is something every business must do. Tools can be used toFrom these comparisons, potential opportunities to shiftrationally plot and compare HC to those who have shared Hunter CattleHC to a strong market position can be identified.Georgia Buffalo Revival Foods Savannah River FarmsHunter Cattle__Georgia Buffalo_o+Revival Foods++Market PlacementSavannah River FarmsIn brandOff brand___o+++Service VarietyFocused Services Off brandMarket PlacementDiverse In Services brandQuality PerceptionLower Focused QualityService VarietyServicesWeak Visual CommunicationHigher Diverse QualityServicesPresentation EmphasisQuality PerceptionLower QualityStrong Visual Communication HigherQuality27Presentation Emphasis 27. BRANDSCAPEProductPricePlaceBeef, Pork, Poultry, Sausage, Eggs,$$$Farm, Moo Mas Store, Farmers Market, Restaurants, Local GroceryBarn Loft, Tours, Parties, Events, Publication, Website, Recipe (web), Social MediaBeef, Pork, Poultry, Sausage, Lamb$$Farm Farmers Market RestaurantsWeb Site, Brochure, Social Media, Speak to customer directlyFarm, Farmers market, Delivery to near by storePublication, Social media, Field trips, Recipe (web), website, TV, Magazine, News, Nutrition comparison, Cooking CompetitionBison MeatBeef, Pork, Lamb Sausage, PoultryLower than HC$$$$higher than HC$$lower that HCBeef, Poultry, EggsThis competitor is used as a reference for best practices.28$$$Equal to HCGreen Truck Pub Heirloom Book Company, and onlineNational, Regional Sales, Gourmet, Restaurant, National distributorsPromotionWebsites, Packaging, Press, eventsWebsite, Visits, PressPeople Ferguson familyBen and Kellie Deen,Troy BivensBradley Taylor and Cat ComptonHarris family 28. BRANDSCAPEHunter Cattle must address the competition which is inherently present in all segments of their offeringProductHunter CattleBeef, Pork, Poultry, Sausage, Eggs,Georgia Buffalo Revival FoodsService VarietyFocused ServicesBeef, Pork, Poultry, Sausage, LambSavannah River Farms__Bison MeatOff brandBeef, Pork, Lamb Sausage, PoultryBeef, Poultry, Eggs_oDiverse Services+++Integrate in the HC brand discourse highlights about the eleIn brand ments that make their products different from the competition and the variety offered by HC which puts it on top of other local offering.Market PlacementService VarietyFocused ServicesDiverse ServicesQuality PerceptionLower QualityPriceHunter Cattle offers a higher quality product for a higher price. Higher Quality$$$Quality PerceptionWeak Visual Communication$$Lower than HCPresentation Emphasis Lower QualityStrong Visual CommunicationHigher Quality$$$$higher than HC$$lower that HC$$$Equal to Hunter Cattle29Communicate the differentiation of the product through written and visual explanation as quality and price is tied to how the product looks. 29. BRANDSCAPEPlace Farm, Moma Store, Farmers Market, Restaurants, Local GroceryHunter Cattle products are not just meat, they also represent family and farming values.Farm, Farmers market, Delivery to near by storeGreen Truck Pub Heirloom Book Company, and onlineNational, Regional Sales, Gourmet, Restaurant, National distributorsPromotionIn brandOff brandHunter Cattle products represent what the brands stands for and so should the locations where it is sold at. Different business partnerships require more or less branding efforts according to what the customer reach might become. When adding a new market place consider customer segmentation to determine the appropriate approach.Product packaging currently does not reect Hunter Cattle valuesBarn Loft, Tours, Parties, Events, Publication, Website, Recipe (web), Social Media Web Site, Brochure, Social Media, Speak to customer directlyWeak Visual CommunicationPresentation EmphasisStrong Visual CommunicationPublication, Social media, Field trips, Recipe (web), website, TV, Magazine, News, Nutrition comparison, Cooking CompetitionWebsites, Packaging, Press, eventsWebsite, Visits, Press30Georgia Buffalo Revival FoodsMarket Placement Farm Farmers Market RestaurantsHunter CattleHunter Cattle should express in all their channels the value of their products through all channels so there is a reason behind the price.Savannah River FarmsOff brandFocused ServicesLower QualityWeak Visual Communication 30. 31 31. Unique Selling proposition for Hunter Cattle Company Hunter Cattle is the local family-owned farm that by a responsive attitude shares a sustainable lifestyle with the local community in Georgia; in an era where fast food and industrial food production is affecting peoples wellbeing.32 32. 33 33. CONTENT CREATED, DEVELOPED AND COMPILED BY:DMGT 720 Spring 2013 Design Innovation Development and Marketing StrategiesAtthaves Borriraklert Laura Campos Michael Denman Phillip Evans Alexandra Jackson Liu XinCarol Lora JaKenna Martin Priscila Mendoza Mariana Ortiz Reyes Lauren Peters Diane SeaverBhavika Shah Sun Tianjie Nathan Sundberg Wang You Zhang Haoting Professor Verena Paepcke-HjeltnessCourtesy of the School of Design Savannah College of Art and Design 34 34. 36