Freelancing: How to Get Started... or Not.

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My experience, wisdom, and advice about a career as a web development freelancer/consultant.


<ul><li> 1. FreelancingHow to Get StartedOr not.</li></ul> <p> 2. byCindy Cullen CPC,MPT Started programming in 1983 AS in Computer Information Systems -NSTI - 1987 BS in Computer Science - APSU -1989 Corporate - American ChemicalSociety, General Electric, Iostudio Freelancer/Consultant since 2003 Certified Professional Coach - FIA -2011 Master Prosperity Teacher -EGS -2012 3. What is a Freelancer?IndependentYour own bossYour own businessof oneEntrepreneurIn business for yourself 4. Are you in business foryourself? 5. YES! You are!Everybody is in business forthemselves.Your current employer may just be your biggest client atthe moment. 6. How do most people view WebFreelancers?CommodityCoderSkilled workerAll the same 7. Dont call yourself a Freelancer.Call yourself aConsultantinstead 8. You MUST have the confidence tothink of yourself as aCONSULTANT! 9. Not a Consultant yet?DONT do it!! 10. If someone can talk youout of itYoure NOT ready! 11. Pros OR Cons of Consultanting?You are your own bossTime FreedomChoose who you work withTaxesBenefitsNo steady or set salary 12. Pros OR Cons ofConsulting?Work from homeWork aloneWardrobeHome with children/familyNo set hoursTravel - mobility 13. Things to think about 14. How many summers do youhave with your children? 15. What are you trading yourlife for? 16. If not now, when? 17. Whats holding you back? 18. Money ? Start part-time - How much time could you makeper week? You only need 30 minutes per week tostart How much money are you losing by NOTConsulting? How can you bring in a little extra income RIGHTNOW? 19. Money?What would you need to get started?Usually very low overheadYou usually dont need as much stuff as youthink you do to get started 20. Skills?Find a mentorFind collaboratorsDecide what you need to know and learn it.Classes are available.Find your strong points and team up with thosewho have strengths in your weak areas. 21. Confidence?Start slowlyBuild your skillsOn the job training - InternshipsGet your first client 22. How to StartWhat is your passion? Specialize.Decide who your Ideal Client is.Who do you want to work with?Find out where they hang outAttract them what speaks to them?Find out what they wantServe them - Sell them what they want 23. Legal - Security - ProtectionContractsLawyersSole Proprietor?LLC? Corporation?Faith &amp; TrustKnow your clientsAlways give more value than theyve paid for 24. AccountingAccountantsMileageRefunds, late fees,policiesInvoicing, subscriptions, credit card paymentsRecords/Taxes - Quickbooks, spreadsheets - income &amp;expenses/deductions 25. Sales &amp; MarketingWhere do your clients hang out?Craigslistelance, freelancer, odeskWord of mouth - friends,family, clients, collaboratorsAdvertisingSocial Networks, Newsletters, blogs 26. NegotiatingInvestment vs. ExpenseRetainers - Discovery phaseSchedulingDont sell yourself short 27. Self-DisciplineWhat motivates you?Know when you work bestWho holds you accountable?What is your why?ProcrastinationPassion 28. How much to charge?Experience - Your rate should go upGoing rate in your areaValue to the client - whats it worth to themHour, week or month? Flat rate? Per project?Estimates 29. Communication/Customer ServiceManage client expectations - updates, progress, costsAvailability - Email, phone, text, social networks - protectyour time but BE availableNewsletters, up-sells, education, related products, sharingitems of interestSERVE them - how would you want to be served ortreated? 30. Just Start!!if you are waiting for your sign 31. HERE IT IS! 32. Ask for help! 33. Want help getting started?Join my FaceBookFreelance 34. Cindy </p>