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  • 1. Will MatthewsEVIAN LIVE YOUNG.
  • 2. They have tried to market themselves as a fun company that enjoys what they do. They have recently tried to aim their company at the feel good and young factor by creating new, different and fun adverts for example; the amazing baby and me 2. This series of adverts have been made to seem fun and make people that drink Evian feel younger and more energetic. WHAT IS THEIR IMAGE?
  • 3. Because Evian are one of the largest water companies they are marketed and advertised very well because they know their target audience. They used this advert to try and widen that and make their company feel fun and not just like any of the other water companies. With this advert they would have also made many posters and different short clips to make the advert seem new and interesting every time it came on. To help with the fact that the advert was a fun and interesting advert this also went viral which made the Evian sales explode. In the recent years before the advert the sales had dropped by 25% however this advert brought these back up and make their sales sky rocket. They have made many different versions on the baby advert after making the first one because it reaches out to lots of people making them feel younger for drinking the water. CONSIDER HOW THEY ARE ADVERTISED AND MARKETED.
  • 4. RECENT ADVERT LIVE YOUNG This is the most recent advert that Evian have made, live young. They made this advert so that the people who drank the Evian water will feel young and also natural. They are also both smiling and looking happy, they are trying to make people think that if you drink the water you will be happy and you will start enjoying your everyday life more.