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  • 1. Enza Home is abrand.

2. 2 0 1 3W I N T E REnza Home is the concept brand of Yata Group, presented to create new forms of life. From living room to dining room, from bedroom to matresses, textile and accessories; Enza Home shapes your life with its wide range of products, sets new standards of quality for your homes. Enza Home, addressing different tastes with alternatives, offering lifestyle solutions in the most natural way of relaxation, presenting an affordable design approach, is inviting you to make a difference in your life. Enza Home products meeting all the comfort and quality, durability and elegance, accessibility and design criteria, are powered by the years of experience of the Yata Group. Enza Home, with its service network spread all over Turkey and all important customer satisfaction principle, promises to give people a new lifestyle, much more than just furniture. Enza Home invites you to meet new worlds with its worldwide concept store approach. 3. Enza Home, the reference point of furniture and decoration world, has a very special place in your life for it brings your home the designs of the world trends. Product groups offering different combinations with the accessible design approaches are all together at Enza Home. Enza Home is ready to create brand new worlds at home with innovative production standards, confidence-inspiring sales services and modern designs. 4. HAVING A STYLE WITH ENZA HOME 5. Enza Home design concept, almost defines the concept of time. If you want an original style to find life at home, Enza Home provide precisely to make that happen. Enza Home world, offering special alternatives of young, dynamic and modern lifestyle solutions, brings home the pure power of simplicity. The years pass but its impact stays. 6. MAYBE FOR THE FIRST TIMETIME ISUNDER YOUR CONTROL. 7. T A B L EO FDINING ROOMSC O N T E N T S LIVING ROOM SETS Bari51Forlan Plus86Lisa64Epoca44 Matt 33Matiss Plus Matt89Orleon22Molly82Piero54Natureza69Serra29Valery41 + Plus92Visage17Visage83Crystal1074Orleon78TV UNITSSITTING ROOM SETSCrystal14Bolt107Epoca48Fransua100Matt38Hera102Orleon26KanyonPiero58Loresima108Serra31Myra112Valery43Serra98Visage20Taylor106Verdi11096 8. BEDROOMSCORNERS Ayda116Bari189Blok-S149Crystal156Boogie142Epoca177Born143City132Matt167 Orleon 173134Piero161Cronos149Serra186130Valery193Kanyon140Visage182Lisa125Mayfair121Merlin146Natureza138Bloom198Serra124Crispy202Toronto149Puzzle204Visage120City Plus Crystal PlusTEEN ROOMSCOMPLEMENTARY Accessories206Bookcases60Coffee Tables151 9. DINING ROOMS Bari51Crystal10Epoca44 SOON Matt 33 NEW Orleon22Piero54Serra29Valery41Visage17TV UNITS Crystal14Epoca48SOON Matt38NEW Orleon26Piero58Serra31Valery43Visage20W: Width H: Height D: Depth S.D: Seating Depth 10. 10 11. 11In the peak of design, CRYSTAL... Crystal Collection, stunningly mixing elegant details, looks like a brand new beginning in Enza Home product line. Traces of Italian furniture and a unique design approach brings together a different experience in this special collection, with the use of acrylic panels and glass, it brings homes a bright and modern style. 12. 12Bright white acrylic and black wood pattern and color combination / Soft closing system / Glass or wooden table-top alternatives / Metal or wooden-legged polyurethane chairs / Coffee and side table combined with the acrylic surfaced modelCRYSTAL Bedroom on page 156. 13. 13CRYSTAL Dining RoomSideboard and MirrorDining Table (Glass Top)Dining Table (Wooden Top)Chair and Plus ChairMirror W: 2200 H: 500 D: 30 Sideboard W: 2200 H: 755 D: 500W: 2000 H: 760 D: 1000W: 2000 H: 760 D: 1000W: 460 H: 900 D: 460 Plus W: 460 H: 890 D: 470 14. 14CRYSTAL TV UnitMaxi TV UnitMidi TV UnitTV UnitTwo Door High TV UnitTwo Door Low TV UnitWall Unit 120 cm 180 cmW: 4000 H: 1762 D: 550W: 3398 H: 1762 D: 552W: 3398 H: 1762 D: 550W: 1200 H: 605 D: 450W: 1200 H: 458 D: 450W: 1200 H 300 D: 230 W: 1800 H: 300 D: 230 15. 15Maxi TV UnitTV Unit with Module Combinations Opportunity to create TV units suitable for any room thanks to the functional modules / Maxi and Midi TV units has back panel with LED light / Easy to clean and break-resistant glass surface / Side and the secondary side tables to complete the designCoffee TableSide TableW: 1100 H: 353 D: 1100W: 450 H: 498 D: 450 16. 16SOONDiscover the new dimensions of elegance with ZEN Dining Room. The most beautiful pastel color tones come to your dining room with a functional contemporary design. 17. 17Functional and elegant, VISAGE Dining Room... A stunning elegance and satisfactory design hidden inside simplicity. Visage, combines comfort with wood attractively, becomes the new icon of your home. 18. 18Dining Table (Extendable)Sideboard and MirrorHighboardSofia ChairW: 1600-2000 H: 764 D: 900W: 2000 H: 897 D: 494 Mirror W: 2000 H: 590 D: 30W: 600 H: 1800 D: 450W: 450 H: 890 D: 490 19. 19VISAGE SM Dining zellik RoomToros oak and bright cream colors special to Enza Home / Push-open drawers system / LED lights in console and show-cabinet / Extendable dining table / Sideboard with sliding doorsVISAGE Corner Sofa Set on page 120. 20. 20VISAGE TV UnitOpportunity to create TV units suitable for any room thanks to the functional modules / Soft closing system / Wall unit with shock absorber / Bookcase with glass shelfMaxi TV UnitMidi TV UnitTV UnitWall UnitBookcaseSingle UnitW: 2980 H: 1800 D: 450W: 1790 H: 1800 D: 450W: 1790 H: 400 D: 450W: 1750 H: 250 D: 360W: 590 H: 1772 D: 450W: 600 H: 400 D: 450 21. 21TV Unit Combination with 2 BookcasesMidi TV UnitTV Unit 22. 22 23. 23NEWMinimalistic design, maximum impact: ORLEON Dining Room. For those who want to find modern and classic combined in a stunning elegance in a dining room: Orleon. A minimalist design could only be that beautiful. 24. 24 NEWORLEON Dining RoomWhite oak wooden surface and bright cream color combination / Acrylic material use providing easy to clean, scratch-resistant, environmentally friendly brighter surface / LED-backlight sideboard mirror / LED-backlight glass highboard / Grey color sideboard mirror / Extendable dining table / Soft closing system 25. 25Dining Table (Extendable)Sideboard and MirrorCoffee TableOrleon ChairHighboardW: 1600-2200 H: 775 D: 900Sideboard W: 2000 H: 780 D: 500 Mirror W: 1895 H: 490 D: 50W: 1000 H: 380 D: 1000W: 460 H: 900 D: 460W: 606 H: 1650 D: 450 26. 26 NEWORLEON TV UnitWhite oak wooden surface and bright cream color combination / Acrylic material use providing easy to clean, scratch-resistant, environmentally friendly brighter surface / LED-backlight shelves / Soft closing system / Natural wooden handles / Opportunity of combining with other modulesMaxi TV UnitMidi TV UnitMini TV UnitW: 3630 H: 1650 D: 500W: 3630 H: 1650 D: 500W: 2420 H: 1650 D:500 27. 27Maxi TV UnitTV nitesi1.855TL Midi TV UnitMini TV UnitTV UnitSingle Unit (120 cm)Single Unit (60 cm)Wall ShelfWall UnitW: 1210 H: 322 D:500W: 1210 H: 290 D: 500W: 605 H: 290 D: 500W:1210 H: 30 D: 244W:1210 H: 270 D: 300 28. 28SOONWood special to Enza, LISA Dining Room special for you... Natural wood meets with the most beautiful tones of laquer. Beauty and aesthetics combined at the highest level for Lisa, soon to arrive at Enza Home stores. 29. 29With SERRA Dining Room reach to quality easily... Advantages of functional use and elegance meet with Serra. A new energy, a new atmosphere at home. An enviable aesthetics, a unique comfort... A perfect pleasure trip begins with details... 30. 30SERRA Dining RoomNatural wood surfaces Victorian walnut and mink cream color combination / Compact appearance, functional design / LED-backlight highboard / Tempered bronze glass top surface / 3-piece decorative mirrorSideboard and MirrorHighboardDining Table (Extendable)Sofia ChairSideboard W: 1780 H: 780 D: 462 Mirror W: 540 H: 540 D: 22W: 900 H: 1672 D: 462W: 1400-1800 H: 770 D: 900W: 450 H: 890 D: 490 31. 31SERRA TV UnitNatural wood surfaces Victorian walnut and mink cream color combination / Wide drawers and receiver compartments / Multi-purpose 3-door wardrobe (Maxi TV Unit) / Tempered bronze glass on top of the sideboardMaxi TV UnitMidi TV UnitTV UnitCoffee TableW: 2400 H: 1650 D: 510W: 1200 H: 1650 D: 510W: 1400 H: 450 D: 465W: 1224 H: 430 D: 600 32. 32SOONBeauty in the details, attraction in its timelessness: ERICA Dining Room... Erica will bring elegance to your home with its modern approach combining traces of past with attractive colors and textures. 33. 33SOONFor special ones, a special design: MATT Dining Room Matt, combining walnut and bright beautifully, makes dining a new kind of pleasure with its special systems and functionality. 34. 34 35. 35 SOONMATT Dining Room 36. 36Walnut and bright white color combination / Soft closing system for the sideboard / Double alternatives including dining table / Use of natural wood handleSideboard and MirrorDining Table (Glass Top)Dining Table (Extendable)Matt ChairMirror W: 2200 H: 460 D:50 Sideboard W: 2200 H: 750 D: 500W: 2000 H: 760 D: 1000W: 1600-2000 H: 772 D: 900W: 510 H: 860 D: 490 37. 37 SOONMATT Dining RoomMATT Sofa on page 74. 38. 38Walnut and bright white color combination / Upper highboard with shock absorber / Functional sub-table usable in different directions / Natural wood handle use / Opportunity to create alternative TV units for every room 39. 39 SOONMATT TV UnitTV UnitTV UnitAdditional Sub-Tabe ModuleWall UnitW: 3600 H: 1600 D: 548W: 2400 H: 328 D: 548W: 1200 H: 30 D: 548W: 900 H: 320 D: 270 40. 40SOONFor dinner with love BOLERO Dining Room... The most beautiful dance of love gives life to Bolero with the natural touch of wood. Bolero will soon arrive at Enza Home stores... 41. 41Serious and sober, VALERY Dining Room... Serious and sober lines add a different meaning in the modern approach,appearance adorned with sharp lines, underlines the power of design on Valery. 42. 42VALERYDining RoomMetal