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  1. 1. By: Charles Briggs HOW TO TIE A HALF WINDSOR KNOT
  2. 2. I learned how to tie a tie when I was very young, and I believe that everyone should know how to tie a tie before graduating from college. There are a few types of knots that can be used for ties including the full windsor and eldredge knots to name a few. Although many people struggle to grasp the art of tying ties, this easy step by step instructions guide will help to clear things up. Materials 1 Tie A collared shirt INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. Fortunately safety hazards are not applicable for this demonstration. SAFETY INFORMATION
  4. 4. Start with the wide end of the tie on the right side of your body and the skinny end on the left. The wider side should hang around a foot lower than the left. STEP ONE
  5. 5. Cross the wide end over the left end so that wide end is now hanging on the left side of your body, and the skinny end on your right. STEP TWO
  6. 6. With the wide end on the right side of your body, pull it over and through the natural loop that was created in step two. STEP THREE
  7. 7. Next push the wide end to the left so that the skinny end is now on your right. STEP FOUR
  8. 8. Cross the wide ender over the front of the knot so that it is now positioned back on the right. STEP FIVE
  9. 9. Take the wide end of the tie and push it up through the space between your neck and the tie and down through the natural loop in the front created in step five. STEP SIX
  10. 10. CONCLUSION Pull on the wide and skinny end to fasten the knot to your neck. Now youre dressed to impress!
  11. 11. WORKS CITED

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