Digital Marketing Series: Social Media in Your Marketing Mix

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Learn how best-in-class managed service providers get more from their digital marketing programs. There are plenty of activities IT service providers can engage in with social media, including blogging, friending, tweeting, posting and linking all types of engaging content in their networks. This can be overwhelming, time consuming, and potentially unproductive if you arent careful. In this CompTIA webinar presented by Dan Shapero, founder, clikCloud, find out how you can get the most from your social media efforts.


  • 1. Digital Marketing Webinar Series Including Social Media in your Marketing Mix August 15, 2013

2. Marketing as a Service for Service Providers Fully Hosted SEO Websites Blogging Service Email Marketing Social Media Support (Hootsuite Certified) Pay-per-click (Google Engage Agency) Founder ClikCloud Digital Marketing CompTIA BOD 2008 2011 SVP/EVP Kaseya 2006 2011 20 Year Technology Industry Veteran Contributing Writer SMB Nation & CRN 3. ClikCloud Overview Pay-as-you-go Digital Marketing Service Custom Tailored Website Bi-Monthly Blog Content Monthly Newsletter Hosting & Web Analytics Included Pay-per-click Ad Management Attendee Offer: Free Marketing Consultation Email: info@ Subject: consultation We needed a way to cost effectively boost our on-line marketing efforts and ClikCloud delivered!" Mike Sickle, President & Founder of Dynamic Network Advisors For More Info visit: 4. Todays Agenda Fundamentals Engaging your audience Building your network Measuring results What tools to use 5. Social Media Objectives Educational Nurture Endorsement Extend Your Reach Support your Brand 6. How MSPs Use Social Networks LinkedIn Facebook Twitter 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% Social Network Use Social Networks Source: ClikCloud Survey 2012 7. Social Networks Micro Blogs Networks Groups Communities 8. Include Social Media in the Mix Likelihood of Checking Daily: Email vs. Facebook? 2X Likelihood of Purchasing: Email vs. Facebook? 3X 9. 50 Percent Of Companies Struggling With SEO Arent Integrating Social Media 10. Integrate your Programs Create a Video you YouTube, Link the video to your website Blog about the video Tweet about the blog Add the blog to your newsletter Feed newsletter to your Micro blogs 11. Tips for Success Separate Business From Personal Establish yourself as a subject matter expert Dont sell Involve your team Involve your customers and community Stay Casual 12. Impact of Blogging Educates your visitor Keeps your site current Contributes to your SEO RSS Subscribers Contributes to your newsletter Contributes to your micro blogs 12 13. Tag your Posts Twitter 140 Characters # (hash tag to track topics) Facebook @ to tag friends Linkedin Join Groups Create a Company Page 14. Build a Fan Base Engage your staff, customers, prosp ects, community Ask for testimonial, success stories, tips, photos, vi deos, comments, revie ws Have a contents (e.g. offer a prize for your #1 Fan) 15. Why Track Performance? Performance Tracking Helps Eliminate Waste Allows You to Double Down on What Works Rule of Thumb: 10X Return on Your Marketing Spend ROI 16. What to Track? Mentions Sentiment Top Keywords Top Users 17. Tools Social Mention HootSuite MailChimp/Contact Contact 18. Summary Understand your Marketing Objective Leverage Your Staff, Customers, Community Measure Results to Improve ROI 18 19. Questions? Free Marketing Consultation: Subject: CONSULTATION 20. Your IT Industry Association Get this recorded webinar at Digital Marketing Series: Social Media in your Marketing Mix Register for future webinars at: