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  • 1. 2013 DMA Database Marketing Post Intensive Program Agenda Post Intensive Session on Database Marketing Developing a 21st Century DatabaseThe Tools, Tactics and Tests to Meet Your Business Needs Within the past few years, massive changes in data, technology and the web have significantly impacted the planning, research, marketing and sales processes. Business needs have shifted dramatically with a focus on faster analysis, broader multi-channel integration and dynamic database information systems. This nine-hour seminar is designed for the database marketer who is looking to enhance or overhaul database business operations at their company. The instructor lineup consists of leading industry professionals who regularly evaluate cutting-edge technologies and best practices in database marketing. Over the course of two days, attendees will be exposed to current and future systems, trends, recommendations and pitfalls that lie ahead in todays and tomorrows database marketing landscape. Day 1 Wednesday, October 16 1:00 4:30 1:00 1:15 Program Introduction/Class DiscussionPEGG NADLER Part 1-- 1:152:15 Re-evaluating Your Marketing Database System: A How To BERNICE GROSSMAN, DMRS Group A check list of the most important items to review when re-evaluating your marketing database, your vendor, and the design and attending functionality of your current solution tool. Attendees will be provided with a proven method of what to look for and how to know what is and is not working. Before you conclude your marketing database is broken, learn how to answer the key questions that determine the state of your database. Part 22:15 3:15 A Primer on Database SystemsDeciphering Differences and Determining Directions MARCUS TEWKSBURY, VP Client Partner, Experian There is a myriad of database technologies on the market todayand this session is designed to equip attendees with the key benchmarks to assess and select marketing systems that meet their companys existing and anticipated needs. Included in this overview will be an examination of current marketing automation application software, including traditional vendors, B2B, CRM systems and Web content systems. Part 3-- 3:30 4:30 Deadly Sins and the Ten Commandments: How to Achieve Best-Practices Database Content and Key Metrics Reporting JIM WHEATON, Wheaton Group A database is only as good as its content, and bad content always costs you money. There is nothing glamorous about creating and maintaining best-practices content. Data audits and other forms of quality assurance are hard work. The same is true about carefully reflecting the nuances of your business and data when creating dashboards and reports. This session will tell you why all of this, although often overlooked, is so important for database success.

2. Day 2 Thursday, October 17 8:30 2:45 Part 4 8:30 9:45 Leveraging Your Database: Reporting, Templates & Strategic Applications AL BESSIN, Bessin Consulting Identifying the customer, their wants and needs, and what drives their behavior forms the basis for successful marketing in todays business environment. Learn how to create a customer balance sheet; identify where mistakes are being made; and use findings to drive business transformation. Understand what media is working by looking at different ways in which results are being reported for online and offline marketing campaigns. Emphasis will be on determining the most practical and actionable methods to use including marketing performance, lifetime value and business strategy. Part 59:45 10:45 Modeling and Analytics STEVE KIM, VP, Quantitative Marketing Group, Merkle This session will highlight the critical dimensions for a successful use of database information when building and deploying models and analytics in your business. Insights, targeting and measurement are all critical components to fully understand the most effective channels in marketing programs. Big Data presents major challenges and opportunities in data collection and its manipulation in the creation of modeling and analysis. We will explore the latest in analytical hardware and software and discuss how to utilize your data to detail ROI in building the business case and calculating its impact. Part 611:00 12:00 Navigating the Data Maze JOANNE BRANSCUM, Director Management Information, Acxiom Global Services DOUG CHRISTIANSON, Senior Principal, Acxiom Global Services Database marketers are now faced with massive amounts of data, mounting privacy issues and growing regulations on the use, collection and dissemination of data. This session will look at both traditional and new sources of data used to shape database analysis programs. We will address the latest trends in Big Data for the B-C and B-B worlds. Data collection and data connection as well as best practices for determining and protecting your customer data needs will be discussed. Break & Boxed Lunch Pickup 12:00 12:15 (Boxed Lunchworking lunch during Part 7) Part 712:15 1:30 Integrating Digital Media Data with Your Marketing Database RANDY HLAVAC, Lecturer Professor Northwestern University, Medill IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) Social media, mobile, web communities and other electronic media hold the potential for providing new, high impact data to improve the ability of our marketing database systems to drive highly targeted CRM and electronic programs. But challenges exist using this data. What data is important (and legal) to add to your database? How do we monitor and assess data quality and impact? How do we entice visitors to provide data? We will examine how to integrate your social, mobile, web, and CRM marketing efforts into a single Social CRM system. 3. Part 81:45 2:45 Marketing ROI: How to Ensure Political, Technical, and Business Success for a Database Project PEGG NADLER, Pegg Nadler Associates This session will set a realistic foundation for positioning your database for success within your company. We will look at war stories and success stories and provide guidance and benchmarks for conducting a business needs/expectations survey and the justification for the continued investment and deployment in your marketing database division. 4. 9/23/2013 1 Re-evaluating Your Marketing Database System: A How To Database Marketing Post Intensive Part 1 Bernice Grossman Founder, DMRS Group DMRS has been working with client companies to maximize their data marketing efforts since 1983. We are an independent consultancy, we own no data, no software, nor any processing services or facilities. We manage data audits/assessments and operational needs assessments: Choosing the right vendors Data / ETL, MSP / ESP, MDB / CRM, MA / SFA Implementation End-user marketing applications for off-line and on-line Our client list spans a broad spectrum of Domestic and International businesses including Avis, Epson, Microsoft, Pfizer, United Airlines, Nestle, Simon, United States Gypsum, and United Airlines Who is DMRS ? 5. 9/23/2013 2 This Session This session will provide a check list of the most important items to review when re-evaluating your marketing database, your vendor, and the design and attending functionality of your current solution tool. Attendees will be provided with a proven method of what to look for and how to know what is and is not working. Before you conclude your marketing database is broken, come to this session and learn the key questions to ask that will help determine the state of your database. Key takeaways: What do you need now that you didn't need when your marketing database was built? What about your data? How should you review database integration with email and social media - what exists now that didn't exist at the time of the build? First, A Definition just so that were all on the same page An MDB (Marketing Database) is a single repository for all data identified as relevant to meet the goals of marketing that are defined as actionable and accessible for: Capturing data from all channels Consistent data hygiene and de-duplication rules Allows for segmentation and query Integrates Direct, E-Mail, Social Media (transactional, web site, call center, behavioral, attitudinal, events more) Performs complete Campaign Management Measures media performance Manages multi-channel marketing Performs modeling and predicting behavior analyses It is read only. It is NOT a contact management system. 6. 9/23/2013 3 IS YOUR MDB BROKEN? What is broken? Were going to look at a few examples in a moment. Length of contract When does your contract expire? (If inside) Is it time to take it off-site? Are you all integrated? Does your MDB work? What are the metrics you use to decide this? Do the MDB counts match the transaction counts? Does the geography match Who decides that it does or does not work? Does anyone want to use it? Who? Why? Who does not? Is marketing grumbling Is IT smirking Some Broken Examples Pharmaceutical Company Kept each drug on a separate MDB became too expensive realized they were paying for certain processes three times but only needed to buy it once Membership Organization The users were in silos just like their data Change Management was very difficult Never contemplated the problems of moving data back and forth (especially from their SFA to the MDB) Large Retail Shopping Installation Never thought through how to use the response management functionality 7. 9/23/2013 4 Is Everything Still the Same at the MSP? Corporate mission statement and customer service philosophy Total number of staff Key executives Ownership information and organization chart Quality control procedures from data receipt to MDB update # of customer support staff # of technical support staff Customer mix System software information Percent of budget applied to R&D Willingness to provide details pending litigation MDB staff attrition over the