Creative design in communication and marketing

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  • 1. CREATIVE DESIGN IN COMMUNICATION AND MARKETINGHo Chun Ying Corlis 073601C16Lim Yi Siong067535E03 GROUP 7: Neo Meng Yang Gary068043B03Teo Shi Yu Kenvin 061932E07Yeo Jie YingU0940025K

2. ADVERTISEMENT 3. LIST OF CONTENTS 1. Design Problem2. Creative StrategyPromotional ObjectiveWorking MessageTarget AudienceDistinctive Product FeaturePositioning3. Creative ApproachBrainstormChoice of appropriate stratagem, appeal, perception, learning, persuasionSelling premises (claims; benefits; promises; unique selling preposition)4. Forms 4. DESIGN PROBLEM How to publicise and create awareness of an environmentallyfriendly recycling company (Ori.) that manufactures watches thatare made from 100% recycled materials (metal). 5. CREATIVE STRATEGY 6. PROMOTIONAL OBJECTIVE To publicise and create awareness of an environmentally friendlyrecycling company (Ori.) that manufactures watches that are madefrom 100% recycled materials (metal). 7. TARGET AUDIENCE Eco friendly young male working executives between 30 to 40 yearsold 8. DISTINCT PRODUCT FEATURE Environmentally friendly (only watch so far to be made from 100%recycled materials)Respect Status is rising through the ranks, Respect is what youchoose to wear 9. POSITIONING 100% recycled materials - people who choose to purchase and wearthis watch wants to play a part in supporting the eco-friendlymovement Commands Respect -purchasing and wearing this watchunintentionally portrays an image of someone prefers a lessexpensive environmentally friendly watch over an expensive famouswatch. 10. CREATIVE APPROACH 11. BRAINSTORM Category of Keywords Recycle, Executive, Watch, Green Recycle Metal Executive Suit Watch Hand Green - Green 12. POSTER 13. CHOICE OF APPROPRIATE STRATEGEMStratagem: ImageA strong memorable identity Metallic Hand 14. CHOICE OF APPROPRIATE APPEALAppeal: EsteemThe need for respect 15. CHOICE OF APPROPRIATE PERCEPTIONPerception: ArousalDifferent from the norm Hand and Metallic HandAttention seeking Metallic HandPromotes curiosityExcitementSimilarity 16. CHOICE OF APPROPRIATE LEARNINGLearning: Instrumental ConditioningAssociation Successful executive gaining respect by purchasing an environmentally friendly watch to wearOri.s watch not only reflect high status but gain genuine respect 17. CHOICE OF APPROPRIATE PERSUASIONPersuasion: Creating new attitudeOverthrow the notion that recycled objects are rubbish, recycled objects associated with the poor, being despised. 18. SELLING PREMISESSelling Premises BenefitsConservation of resources, ameliorates problems of wastage of resourcesGains genuine respect 19. FORMS 20. POSTER 21. PAMPHLET 22. PAMPHLET 23. INVITATION CARD 24. LETTERHEAD 25. BUSINESS CARD 26. SIGNAGE 27. THANK YOU