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BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts to Transit Corridor Business_Roger Bazeley

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BRT/Rapid Bus Research on Impacts to Transit Corridor Businesses, a Mineta Transportation Institute/SJSU; Master's Thesis by Roger M. Bazeley

Text of BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts to Transit Corridor Business_Roger Bazeley

  • BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts on Transit Corridor Businesses 1


    BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts on Transit Corridor Businesses

    A Business Impact Survey and Comparison of Implemented BRT/Bus Improvements on:

    AC Transits Alameda City, Webster Street, Route 61 Corridor

    AC Transits San Pablo Avenue Rapid Bus R72, Route 123 Corridor LA Metros Wilshire Blvd. Metro Rapid 720, Corridor

    SF MUNI, Proposed Geary Blvd. Corridor BRT, Pre-BRT Impact Survey

    June 2007

    Roger McKean Bazeley

    A publication of the Mineta Transportation Institute

    College of Business San Jose State University San Jose, CA 95192-0219

    Created by Congress in 1991

    Mineta Transportation Institute

  • BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts on Transit Corridor Businesses i


    Technical Documentation Page

    1. Report No. FHWA/CA/OR-

    2. Government Accession No.

    3. Recipients Catalog No.

    5. Report Date

    4. Title and Subtitle BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts on Transit Corridor Businesses

    A Business Impact Survey and Comparison of Implemented BRT/Rapid Bus Improvements on Four Transit Corridors: Geary

    Blvd., Alameda Route 61, San Pablo Ave., Wilshire Blvd.

    6. Performing Organization Code

    Author Roger McKean Bazeley

    8. Performing Organization Report No.

    10. Work Unit No. 9. Performing Organization Name and Address

    Mineta Transportation Institute College of Business San Jos State University San Jose, CA 95192-0219

    11. Contract or Grant No. 65W136

    13. Type of Report and Period Covered Final Report

    12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address California Department of Transportation U.S. Department of Transportation Office of ResearchMS42 Research & Special Programs Administration P.O. Box 942873 400 7th Street, SW Sacramento, CA 94273-0001 Washington, D.C. 20590-0001

    14. Sponsoring Agency Code

    15. Supplementary Notes

    Abstract The assessment of BRT/Rapid Bus service and infrastructure improvements impact upon corridor businesses has been inadequate. Many public workshops and community outreach efforts fall short of gaining a balanced perspective of analyzing the positive or negative impact of implemented BRT/Rapid Bus improvements upon transit corridor businesses, their customers, working employees or ultimately the corridor businesses sales and vitality. This research study compares by survey, interviews, and the photo design audits of four different levels of BRT/Rapid Bus and basic bus systems service and infrastructure improvements along four metropolitan transit corridor business communities with similar and diverse land-use characteristics, business types, and social-economic characteristics. The selected BRT/Rapid Bus corridor segments have implemented different types and levels of bus transit improvement system packages with different service and infrastructure attributes including Rapid Bus with Signal Priority Technologies (Smart Corridors), and proposed advanced BRT with exclusive bus lanes, while trying to balance transit corridor business and community multi-modal transportation needs with BRT/Rapid Bus improvements. To successfully meet the transportation needs and travel demand of all local community transportation improvement stakeholders, there is a need to analyze and measure BRT/Rapid Bus impacts prior to and after BRT/Rapid Bus corridor improvements have been implemented. The research results and conclusions reached can also aid transportation planners and managers in accessing the need for service and infrastructure changes in the existing studied transit corridors and future BRT/Rapid Bus system installations. 17. Key Words BRT, Bus Rapid Transit, Rapid Bus, Transit Corridor Business Impacts

    18. Distribution Statement No restrictions. This document is available to the public through The National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 22161

    19. Security Classification (of this report) Unclassified

    20. Security Classification. (of this page)


    21. No. of Pages

    22. Price $15.00

    Form DOT F 1700.7 (8-72)

    Mineta Transportation Institute

  • BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts on Transit Corridor Businesses


    Copyright Page


    ______________________________________________________________________________ Mineta Transportation Institute

  • BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts on Transit Corridor Businesses



    Cliff Henke, BRT-Specialist, PB Transit & Rail Systems, Inc. Devinder Singh, P.E., Executive Secretary CTCDC, Caltrans Dr. Peter Haas, PhD. Educational Director, Mineta Transportation Institute Frank Markowitz, Pedestrian Program Manager, SF Municipal Transportation Agency, MTA James Cunradi, Project Manager AC Transit Rapid Bus Program Jose L. Moscovich, Executive Director, San Francisco County Transportation Authority, SFCTA Julie Kirschbaum, Transportation Planner, Geary BRT Study Project Manager, SFCTA/MTA Kenneth J. Kochevar, PE, Federal Highway Administration, FHWA Maria Lombardo, Deputy Director, San Francisco County Transportation Authority, SFCTA Mary Banks, Manager Special Projects, California State Automobile Association Mineta Transportation Institute, Professional Staff and Professors Norman Y. Mineta, Former Secretary of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation Rachel Hiatt, Transportation Planner, San Francisco Transportation Authority, SFCTA Rex Gephart, Director Regional Transit Planning, LA Metropolitan Transportation Authority Richard Haggstrom, PE Non-Motorized Program Manager, Caltrans Rod Diridon, Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute Trixie Johnson, Research Director, Mineta Transportation Institute Viviann Ferea, Program Administrator, Mineta Transportation Institute Will Kempton, Director, California Department of Transportation, Caltrans

    In Memoriam/Dedication Arthur James Bazeley, Sr. ME., National Malleable Casting, Cleveland, Ohio (90 U.S. Patents Automatic Railroad Coupler Systems). Superintendent Great Northern Railway Arthur James Bazeley II, Senior Associate Booz Allen & Hamilton, and (Senior VP Corporate Planning, Rockwell International/Boeing North America) Charlotte Tuckerman, M.S. Languages, Spanish and Latin America Studies, Professor, CIA. Dr. Bryan Tuckerman, PhD. Physicist, Mathematician, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Frank L. Rownd, P.E. Carnegie Tech., Sales/Marketing, Republic Steel, Cleveland, Ohio Joe Yaccarino, Restaurateur, Owner of Joes Place, Brooklyn, New York Robert Simonsen, Petroleum Engineer, Standard Oil of Ohio, Marion Simonsen, Designer/Artist, Cleveland Art Museum Support and Mentors Carol Kocivar, State Board Manager, California State PTA Dr. Alan Tong, DDS Dr. Harold Levine, Professor Mathematics, Stanford University Dr. Peter Baluk, PhD. UCSF Medical Research Lab George Komodikis, CEO, Madison Holdings. Ltd. New York, London, Athens Michelle Nahum-Albright, Professor Design, Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design Noriko and Mikiko Bazeley

    ______________________________________________________________________________ Mineta Transportation Institute

  • BRT/Rapid Bus Impacts on Transit Corridor Businesses



    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 INTRODUCTION------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 THE RESEARCH STUDY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Research Study Benefit and Goals-------------------------------------------------------------7 SURVEY METHODOLOGY----------------------------------------------------------------------------8 The Survey------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Transit Corridor Business Comment --------------------------------------------------------12 SURVEY ADMINISTRATION EXPERIENCE ---------------------------------------------------13 ETHNIC and BUSINESS MANAGEMENT DIVERSITY OF RESPONDENTS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 TRANSIT CORRIDOR PROFILES -----------------------------------------------------------------16

    Geary Blvd. Corridor---------------------------------------------------------------------------17 Alameda/Webster Street/Route 61 Corridor-----------------------------------------------19 San Pablo Avenue AC Rapid 72 Corridor--------------------------------------------------21 Wilshire Blvd. LA Metro Rapid 720---------------------------------------------------------23 CORRIDOR TRAVEL MODE SHARE CHOICE------------------------------------------------25 Critical Mode Choice Factors for Customers and Employees--------------------------26 Surveying Existing Implemented BRT Systems to Determine System Characteristics Impact on BRT transit Customers-----------------------------30 TRANSIT CORRIDOR IMPACT SURVEY QUESTIONS AND RESULTS---------------31 SURVEY QUESTIONS 1-10 RESPONSE ANALYSIS------------------------------------------34 SUMMARY OF THE DISTRIBUTION OF POSITIVE, NEUTRAL, AND NEGATIVE RESPONSES TO IMPACT QUESTIONS 1-10 --------------------------------------------

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