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Editorial PolicyThe purpose of True Banking Magazine is to disseminate timely and informative news, articles and updates that represent the current state of the art in Islamic Banking industry and to keep its readers updated regarding Islamic Banking and Finance matters. True Banking publishes original articles that are reasonably self-contained and no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, except for internal or personal use, without the prior permission of the publisher.

About True Banking MagazineTrue Banking is a Bi-Monthly Magazine of AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics which is a renowned name of the Islamic banking and finance industry around the globe. As AlHuda CIBE has always worked for the promotion and development of Islamic banking and finance through its numerous strains and strands so True Banking is also one of the major modes of dissemination of the accurate knowledge in the bulk. The aim of 'True Banking' is to spread the enormous knowledge of Islamic banking and to let people know about the increasing demand of Islamic banking, its core elements and modes and about how it is rightly serving the people to alleviate the society through its unshakeable pillars of Interest freebanking. From its inception, it has rightly targeted its readers to induce accurate knowledge, benefits of Islamic banking and the advantages of Islamic banking over conventional banking.

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Salient Features:• Exclusive Interviews and Articles on Islamic Banking and Finance Industry• National and International industry News and Updates• Focus on Islamic Banking, Takaful and Sukuk Industry• Updates on (Development of Islamic Banking)• Research Corner • Letter to Editor• Meet the Scholars • Financial Product Developments, Structure and Engineering• Young Islamic Finance Professionals• Round Table Discussions• Guide to HR placements in Islamic Financial Industry

Inside True Banking Magazine:It gives its readers an informative insight of the rapidly-developing industry of Islamic banking, by providing them thought provoking articles, keeps them up-to-date on the industry's changes and demands, developments and events on the global scale, and academic articles written by the industry's distinguished scholar. Side by side it publishes interviews with some of the leading experts in Islamic banking and finance. The salient features that have been the source of attraction for the industrial professional, managerial personnels, intellectuals and youngsters are as follows:

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Media Associations and Partners‘True Banking' has a network of media associates and working partners of many well known international organizations. It provides event coverage to all its below tagged partners and consequently, True Banking Magazine has widespread reachablility in their publications:

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