Ad Club January 29 2010

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Seminar or using PR given to the Greater Lehigh Valley Ad Club at Northampton Community College.


  • 1.In Control vs. Out of Control Marketing
    Traditional advertising, sales and promotion
    PR, new media marketing, and word-of-mouth aka Marketing Public Relations
    Copyright Gaetan Giannini

2. What can it do?
Building the identity of the organization or product;
Increasing the visibility of an established organization or product;
Establishing an organization or individual as an expert in a given field;
Educating stakeholders on issues critical to the organization;
Shaping public opinion about an organization, idea or individual;
Maintaining the image of an organization or product over time or during a crisis; or
Stimulating the trial or repeat usage of a product.
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
3. Why is it powerful?
Implied endorsement of the connector
Appears as an objective assessment
Low cost
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
4. The disadvantage
You give up control of your message
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
5. Who gets control?
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
6. Select connectors by talking to customers
What TV, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, journals, and association newsletters do you pay attention to?
What are your professional affiliations?
What personal interests, such as sports, travel, and hobbies, do you pursue?
What is on your must-read list?
What media keep you current professionally?
Who are your favorite reporters?
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
7. Dealing with Media
Find media that reach your intended audience and do your homework.
Discover ways your story can help selected media serve their readers, listeners, viewers better.
Create relationships
Have an eye for whats newsworthy.
Package and deliver your message in a way that suits each medium.
Be there 24-7-365
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
8. Create a Press Kit
Documents illustrating the background of the firm and interesting facts about it,
Evidence of previous press coverage,
Support materials, including studies and statistics, and
Graphics, such as photos and video.
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
9. Press Release
Press releases are the work horses of media based PR.
Format them correctly
Write them well
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
10. Pitch
Knowing the connector is the key to a good pitch
Attention-getting first paragraph
An indication that you are familiar with this media outlet and its audience
Background information and research that supports your pitch
Description of support elements available and suggestions for other sources of information for the story
Concluding statement specifying the next step
(Beckwith, 2003)
Some things pitch better than others
One of a kind
First ever
Atypical community service
Unusual applications of products and services
Celebrities and quirky experts
Tales of the underdog
Money, sex, or health issues (Levinson, Frischman, & Lublin, 2002)
Copyright Gaetan Giannini
11. Select connectors using an outside source
Blog Catalog - blog directory, (Free)
Burrelles Luce - on-demand media monitoring, research, distribution, and evaluation services,
Business Wire - news distribution service,
Cision - on-demand media monitoring, research, distribution, and evaluation services,
Marketwire/Media Hub - on-demand media monitoring, research, distribution, and evaluation services,
Media Contacts Pro - downloadable database,
Mondo Times - media directory,
News Link - media directory, (Free)
Podcast Zoom - podcast directory,
PR Newswire - news distribution service,
PR Web - news distribution service,
Technorati - blog directory, (Free)
USNPL - media directory,
Vocus - on-demand media monitoring, research, distribution, and evaluation services,
Yahoo Directory: News and Media - media directory, (Free)
Copyright Gaetan Giannini