9 Mistakes: How to Make your Facebook Fans Unlike You

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  1. 1. 9 Mistakes: How to Make Your Facebook Fans Unlike You
  2. 2. Table of Contents: Posting Controversial Content1 3 Posting Only About Yourself Posting Salesy Updates4 Posting Really Long Content5 Linking to the Wrong Sites2
  3. 3. Table of Contents: 9 Having the Wrong Fans in the First Place 8 Begging for Likes 7 Not Responding to Negative Comments 6 Posting Unrelated Content
  4. 4. Posting Controversial Content 1
  5. 5. Posting Controversial Content 1 2 3 Dont: Brag about your favourite sports team - and dont trash talk their opponents Do: use engagement tactics such as a Like vs. Share post, a vote contest, or a photo contest to get your Fans involved in passionate topics Dont: Post offensive opinions about controversial topics The Home Depot uses potentially controversial topics right. They run photo contests to get Fans to post photos at their favourite College Football team games.
  6. 6. Linking to the Wrong Sites2
  7. 7. Linking to the Wrong Sites 1 Dont: Link to the wrong site, or an untrustworthy site (Fans dont like it, and neither does Facebook) 2 3 Do: Review your links before and after youve posted them to Facebook Do: Correct your link when you notice an error Telus posted a Facebook update about a Twitter contest they were running. The prizes were passes to Whistler/ Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately, their link was to a site in Omaha, Nebraska. (Telus did correct the link, and no real harm was done.)
  8. 8. Posting Only About Yourself 3
  9. 9. Posting Only About Yourself 1 Dont: Annoy your Fans by posting one way push marketing tactics - talking only about your business 2 3 Do: Engage on Facebook by asking questions and posting interactive content Do: Use interactive tactics like contests and sweepstakes to increase your engagement content
  10. 10. Posting Salesy Updates4
  11. 11. Posting Salesy Updates 1 Dont: Post stock/ magazine like photos of your products and expect people to buy, buy, buy 2 3 Do: Use engagement tactics to show off your products on Facebook Do: Learn about your consumer on Facebook (by asking questions and monitoring your metrics) and give them content that they want Sears still seems to think that people are shopping by catalogue - their Facebook update is overtly salesy and looks like it is straight out of a magazine ad. There is no ask for engagement, either.
  12. 12. Posting Really Long Content 5
  13. 13. Posting Really Long Content 1 Dont: Post long, wordy content on Facebook - it does not get read and its annoying 2 3 Do: Shorten your word count by linking to your blog posts for more information Do: Use images to tell your message The Lowry Park Zoo uses an overly wordy Facebook post. The post will not get read. As a zoo, they could post more images of their animals. This would get them more Likes and increase engagement.
  14. 14. Posting Unrelated Content6
  15. 15. Posting Unrelated Content 1 Dont: Manage your business Facebook Page like your own personal page 2 3 Do: Create a Facebook content strategy, so you know the themes and topics you will post Do: Make sure your social media managers follow your branded strategy
  16. 16. Not Responding to Negative Comments 7
  17. 17. Not Responding to Negative Comments 1 Dont: Ignore, delete or auto-respond to negative comments 2 3 Do: Set up clear guidelines for unacceptable comments (include what you will hide/ delete from your Page) Do: Respond to negative comments in a personable, helpful tone; use the comments to show your company cares Citi Bank responds to a public complaint about their customer service. Citi Bank responded within 15 minutes - and they received a Like on their comment. This goes a long way to show that they are a responsive company, who are listening to their consumers. If they had left the negative comment unanswered, this would only aggravate the customers negativity, and would lose them Likes - and customers.
  18. 18. Begging for Likes8
  19. 19. Begging for Likes 1 Dont: Beg for Likes - it will make Fans, and Facebooks new algorithm, Unlike you. 2 3 Do: Get more Likes by cross-promoting and advertising your Page Do: Check your Facebook metrics: create engaging content, that your consumer will Like - without you having to beg
  20. 20. Having the Wrong Fans in the First Place 9
  21. 21. Having the Wrong Fans in the First Place 1 Dont: Attract Fans to your Page who arent interested in your business or content 2 3 Do: Use contests and sweepstakes to build your Fan base - but - make sure your prize is brand related! Do: Promote your Page with ads, cross-promoting and content to target your genuine customer Dont number stuff your Page. The wrong people will only Like you for unrelated giveaways. Create content and contests related to your business to get the right Likes - and customers.
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